Get Your Night Right

Slumber Solutions
A good night's sleep is critical to your overall health. The Doctors discuss what may be impacting the quality of your rest and share tips to ensure a healthy snooze.

A recent study showed that men and women may dream differently. The Doctors explain why this might be true.

Learn why some people experience a “braingasm” when they hear certain sounds, such as whispering or lip smacking, which helps them fall asleep.

Can melatonin supplements help you sleep better? Sleep expert Dr. Raj Dasgupta weighs in. Plus, find out which foods might help you catch some ZZZs without having to pop a pill.

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Sick at Night: More Deadly?

Could getting sick at night instead of during the day decrease your chance of survival? The Doctors discuss why there might be a good time and bad time to visit the ER.

Fighting Insomnia
Millions of Americans report having trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep. Pfizer’s chief medical officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins The Doctors to find out what’s stealing your sleep and to offer advice to help you get the rest you need.

“About 50 percent of people who suffer from insomnia attribute it to stress,” Dr. Lewis-Hall explains. “Insomnia can indicate an underlying illness, like depression or anxiety. That’s why it’s really important to talk to your doctor about your insomnia, about your stressors, and any other symptom that you might be experiencing.”

Dr. Lewis-Hall explains that if you’re suffering from insomnia, you need to become your own sleep detective and track how and why you’re losing sleep. Be sure to take note of your bedtime habits and how they may be contributing to the problem. Then, share your findings with your physician, who can discuss options to help you slumber more soundly.

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Bedtime Bloat
An anonymous viewer steps into The Doctors’ medical confessional to seek help for an embarrassing bedtime bother: excessive gas.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains what causes gas. Plus, is there something lurking in your digestive system that may predispose you to obesity and Alzheimer's disease?

Dr. Rodriguez offers simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce bloating and gas. Could they work for you?

Sleep Violence
For most of her life, Tami, 45, says she has been thrashing or flailing in her sleep. Her husband, Tim, describes the movements as similar to riding a bicycle and complains of being hit and kicked during the night, though Tami says she has no recollection of doing it. She says she has tried several natural remedies, which help her fall asleep but do nothing to help reduce the thrashing she experiences during the night. The couple joins The Doctors to hopefully find a solution to Tami’s painful and exhausting problem.

Dr. Dasgupta explains that Tami may be suffering from REM movement disorder, a condition in which a person may reenact their very vivid dreams during REM sleep. Hear what might have triggered Tami’s condition.