The Doctors Take Over Entertainment Tonight

Sexy Selfies Show Too Much
Are some celebrities taking the sexy selfie craze a click too far? Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj have all taken to the selfie trend, posting revealing pics of themselves that leave little to the imagination.

“In some of these selfies, I’m just glad they’re not showing nipple shots," family medicinie physician and clinical sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross says, laughing. "I think, if you get to the point where you are putting stuff out there where we can actually see full-frontal points, that's when you need your privileges revoked!"

Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell views the trend as a way for celebrities to control their image. “For instance, Miley Cyrus is trying to get away from Hannah Montana, as we know. She puts all the images out there that are, ‘I’m not the sweet, little, innocent girl.’ Kim’s thing is being a sexy woman with a great body. She puts that Instagram photo out there, so they are able to control their own publicity with the Internet."

Find out what physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith thinks of Kim Kardashian's selfies. Plus, which television star is calling out these celebs over their salacious self-portraits?

The Claws Come Out
The latest celebrity beauty trend is definitely cutting-edge. Sharp, clawlike nails have become all the rage in Hollywood, worn by the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. These “stiletto” nails may be putting women at the forefront of nail fashion, but many salons are reporting a rash of injuries from the nails, such as facial scratches and eye injuries, when women rub their eyes or put in their contacts.

The nails are hotbeds of viruses and bacteria, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains. "Because, think about it," Dr. Travis says. "When you wash your hands, it's not like you're cleaning under your nails each and every time."

Stiletto nails may look sharp, but are they worth the risk?

Dr. Sears' House Call
with Melissa Joan Hart 

Does your child eat everything in sight? Or not very much at all? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears is on the set of Melissa and Joey to answer Melissa Joan Hart's questions about her kids' appetites!

Controversial New “OMG” Diet:
A controversial new diet out of the United Kingdom is taking the weight loss world by storm. Dubbed the OMG diet, it claims that you can lose 20 pounds in just six weeks, but there’s a catch: Some of the diet guidelines are raising eyebrows. 

Extreme dieting behavior such as skipping breakfast, drinking black coffee on an empty stomach, limiting your fruits and veggies and taking ice baths every day are just a few of the shocking diet rules. Though it promises quick weight loss, The Doctors are saying, “OMG!”

The Doctors view breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and take issue with limiting your vegetables. Plus, loading up on caffeine on an empty stomach will probably make you nauseous, Dr. Travis says. Too much caffeine in the system can leave you jittery, as well. 

ET Asks the MDs!
Have trouble sleeping? Unusual pain during pregnancy? The Doctors answer questions from Nancy and the ET staffers.

The Doctors share four natural ways to help improve Nancy’s sleep schedule. Then, what is causing ET correspondent Brooke Anderson's pain? And, is juicing healthy?

One ET executive  learns his medical options for dealing with a torn meniscus in his knee. Plus, what should he be doing every day?

Celebrity Beauty Remedies!
The Doctors discuss unusual beauty trends that Hollywood stars are reportedly using. Do they actually work?

Which celebrity uses kitty litter as a scrub? And what is Jennifer Aniston reportedly putting on her eyes?

Sandra's slim thiighs: The Doctors reveal the secret behind Sandra Bulllock's toned gams. 

Find out Kim Kardashian's
reported secret for flawless skin. Hint: It's in your refrigerator!

Anti-Aging Tattoo? 

Check out the MicroPen facial! Almost like an anti-aging tattoo for your face, the MicroPen procedure is gaining popularity with Hollywood's biggest stars!

• Click here to learn more about the MicroPen.

Stars without Makeup!
We’re used to seeing them at their most glamorous, so catching our favorite celebrities without makeup can be a bit jarring. The Doctors say skipping the war paint for a day or two is actually very beneficial: it helps skin breathe, lessens redness and blotchiness and allows skin to shed cells. When it comes to your face, don’t be afraid to take it all off!

Dr. Rachael says for her, every day is makeup-free, unless she’s working on The Doctors. “I would scare my patients if I showed up at my office without my makeup,” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says, laughing. “If I don’t have eyeliner on gentleman, take my temperature, I might be dying.”

Check out pics of Dr. Ashton and Dr. Rachael without their makeup! Plus, how many times a day does the average woman apply lipstick?

Red Carpet Round-up!
The Doctors weigh in on Hollywood’s latest health questions!

Juliette Lewis asks about iron supplements and gets tips to boost her energy levels.

David Oyelowo asks The Doctors:
Is ankle surgery always the best option?

Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush 
is worried about a lack of vitamin D.