Women’s Embarrassing Questions: Uncensored

The following content contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s TMI Tuesday: Women’s only edition. Meet The Doctor’s “V-team” – OB-GYNS Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, author and senior medical contributor for ABC news and Dr. Millie Behera, co-medical director at Fertility Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Female Anatomy 101
The V-team gives a crash course in the female anatomy.

OB-GYN Dr. Allison Hill explains the uterus is an "ultra-elastic babymaking machine" and shares some fun facts about the female anatomy.

Mommy Makeover
Viewer Tessa says, “after three beautiful kids, things just aren’t the same as they used to be down there. Bike riding, sex and even wearing tight pants can be uncomfortable so I’m considering getting surgery to tighten things up.” She wants to know if labiaplasty surgery will affect sensation during intercourse and whether she would be able to have another child, if she wanted to.

“This is an individual choice. There is no right or wrong appearance to your anatomy,” Dr. Ashton says. “It’s what you feel comfortable with.”

Dr. Anita Patel, a plastic surgeon who specializes in labiaplasty, demonstrates how the surgery is performed. “This surgery, it’s not for everyone, and it’s not one size fits all,” she says.

Frances, who appeared on the TLC special Plastic Wives, explains why she decided to have a labiaplasty and shares how the surgery changed her life.

Female Fact or Fiction
The V-team set the record straight about what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to the female body.

Fact or fiction: Your hymen will bleed when you lose your virginity?

Fact or fiction: Yeast infections are a sign of poor hygiene?

Fact or fiction: The average woman produces nine cups of discharge per year.

See The Doctors’ discharge wheel and learn what is normal and when to see a doctor.

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Double Take
Shaye was born with two female reproductive systems. She asks: “How did this even happen? Is it something genetic?”

Dr. Behera explains that about one in 3,000 women have a double uterus.

“This is one of the reasons it’s so important to know your body, know your anatomy,” she says.

Beauty Treatments for "Down There"
The V-team discusses the latest beauty trends and treatments for down there and reveals whether they’re safe.

Find out about the latest trend called vattooing, a temporary tattoo airbrushed "down there."

Learn about V-steaming, an ancient Korean remedy for vaginal health.

Fragrant Vaginal Health
Are you worried about odor down there? The V-team says that anything with perfume will probably do more harm than good and could give you an infection.

"It really is what you put in your body that controls your smells,” Dr. Behera says.

The docs share a recipe for a probiotic pineapple popsicle for fragrant vaginal health.

Kegel Exercises
The V-team discusses the benefits of Kegel exercises and shows you an easy, “idiot-proof” way to do them.

Web Exclusive:
Watch intimate gymnast and trainer Tatyiana Kozevnikova, who holds the world-record for lifting the most weight using her vaginal muscles.

Learn an easy way to do Kegel exercises.