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Roseanne Barr: Nut Farmer?

Roseanne discusses a property in Hawaii that she bought and restored for growing organic vegetables and nuts.

“I always say we need to redefine fast food in this country,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “Do you know what a handful of nuts is? It’s healthy, fast food!”

Learn more about Roseanne’s lesser-known side in her book Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm.

Roseanne Barr’s Presidential Candidacy
Emmy award-winning actress, author and 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Roseanne Barr joins The Doctors to discuss her decision to run for president, as well as social and medical issues facing the nation.

More info on the 2012 U.S. presidential candidates.

Debating Marijuana Legalization
Roseanne and The Doctors discuss healthcare and the notion of medical marijuana being legalized.

“The larger issue is not just about legalization of marijuana. It’s an end to the drug wars, which are a very destructive thing in our country,” Roseanne says. “One in six people in jail are in there for marijuana arrests and people are not aware of that. If [law enforcement agencies] catch you with a marijuana joint, they can take your whole house. These laws are unjust and I’d like to see them ended,” she adds.

“If it’s legal, it’s going to increase the chances of kids getting it,” says pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears. “We already have seven percent of eight graders using it regularly [and] 22 percent of 12th graders, so there are a lot of young people that shouldn’t because kids’ brains are very susceptible [to the effects of marijuana].”

“The same problems that you get from smoking tobacco, you get from smoking marijuana,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson adds.

“Adults in a free country should be able to smoke [marijuana] if they want to,” Roseanne says. “Marijuana has proven benefits for health.”

“THC, as a substance, can help reduce pain in cancer patients. It can increase appetite, but that’s where [doctors] struggle," Dr. Travis says. "We know there are medical benefits for people who need it, but the great majority of people smoking marijuana in [California] are saying, ‘I have a medical card,’ but it’s a farce.”

Watch The Doctors and Roseanne debate the polarizing issue of marijuana legalization.

The debate gets heated as both sides of the argument cite reasons for and against the legalization of marijuana.

• What are your thoughts on legalizing marijuana, either for medical or recreational use? Tell us!

Extreme Self-Expression
See the latest body-altering trend, featured in National Geographic Channel’s Taboo, where people are injecting a saline solution into their foreheads and creating a bulbous, bagel-like body modification. The effect is only temporary, lasting roughly 16 to 24 hours, until the body absorbs the saline and swelling subsides.

Japanese subculture journalist La Carmina and The Doctors weigh in on whether the new trend is safe. Plus, one man who underwent the bagel-head procedure joins the show via phone to explain why he had the injection.

Peanut Butter Recall
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have posted an extensive recall list with hundreds of peanut butter products that may have been contaminated with salmonella. The products in question have all been pulled from store shelves after The Food and Drug Administration conducted a thorough investigation and the recall was issued.

“People across at least 19 states have fallen ill due to salmonella poisoning, allegedly linked to the recalled items from one New Mexico peanut supplier,” Dr. Travis says. “This recall has expanded to over 400 products.”

See the complete peanut butter products recall list from the CDC and FDA.

Learn how salmonella affects the body.

Michelle, a concerned mother, asks The Doctors what steps she can take to prevent her family from being affected.

“I have a child. She loves peanut butter. I put it in her lunch daily in different forms, whether in a sandwich or as a snack with apples,” she says.

Foodborne disease epidemiologist Laura Gieraltowski joins the show via phone to explain the latest in the CDC’s peanut butter products recall list.

“Since the initial recall in September [of 2012], the list of recalled products continues to grow, with new products added every day,” Laura says. “Even though we started with a recall of peanut butter, it’s really expanded to include many other products.”

More on salmonella.

Health Investigation: Prescription Pill Abuse
“Drug enforcement agents say [that] people are now abusing prescription pills more than cocaine, heroin and amphetamines combined,” Dr. Travis explains.

The Doctors’ Investigative Reporter, Melanie Woodrow, uncovers the startling statistics on how many addicts are acquiring their prescription drug of choice and how they are doing it.

Melanie explains that some doctors are writing narcotics prescriptions for large amounts of cash, often without even performing an exam.

The problem is particularly rampant in Missouri, where no legislation exists to monitor and regulate so-called “pill mills”, or pain management clinics.

DEA Agent Scott Collier reveals how prescription pills from Missouri were also found in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, leading him to believe that Missouri has opened itself up to corrupt doctors and out-of-state addicts looking to score pills.

“The problem [in Missouri] has the potential to grow,” Agent Collier says. “We don’t want to be the black hole where all these people begin to come.”

Melanie and Dr. Travis further discuss the rising danger of prescription drug abuse, enabled by illegal pain management clinics in certain parts of the country.

Melanie explains how “pill mills” function and operate within the confines of the law. “We’re finding that there is a lot of communication online. You see these online forums where people are saying, ‘here’s where you can go to get this,’ or, ‘this doctor will prescribe what you want.’

“We’ve also heard that people are then taking a portion of their prescription [and] selling it at a premium so that they’ll have more cash to go back and feed their own habit,” Melanie adds.

More on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Health Dangers of Penny-Pinching
“There are a lot of ways you can save money when it comes to your health, but when can being frugal actually be hazardous to your health?” Dr. Travis asks.

Watch a shocking clip from TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, where one woman admits to never using toilet paper!

“I don’t believe in spending money on something that you’re just going to throw away, such as toilet paper and paper towels,” she says.

Dr. Lisa explains the risks of infection from not using toilet paper. “You have to be hygienic. Put some money into ‘down there,’ ladies,” Dr. Lisa says.

Multivitamins and Cancer Risk
A clinical trial followed 15,000 older male doctors for a decade to see whether multivitamin usage lowered the risk of cancer. The study was published online in The Journal of the American Medical Association, which found that men who took a daily multivitamin reduced their risk of cancer by up to 12 percent; however, multivitamins had no effect on the incidence of prostate cancer, which was the most common cancer diagnosed in the study participants.

“Taking supplements is a personal choice, but you should always discuss whatever supplements [or] vitamins you’re taking with your doctor,” Dr. Travis says.

• Learn about multivitamins for pets.

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