The Doctors’ 2,500-Pound Weight Loss Special

100 Reasons To Lose!
Julie, Melissa and Luke each credit their children for being the inspiration behind their losing more than 100 pounds apiece.

The Doctor's Diet

A couple shares their success story after following ER physician Dr. Travis Stork's The Doctor’s Diet! Plus, meet a brother and sister who turn to Dr. Travis for help after struggling with their weight.

The Doctor's Diet is published by Bird Street Books, Inc., which is owned by The Doctors' executive producer, Jay McGraw. 

Julie, who once weighed 237 pounds, says she would never allow herself to be in pictures or home videos. But with the unexpected death of a friend — who left behind a young child — the 31-year-old mother of two became convinced she needed to make a drastic lifestyle change.

"It just made me think that if, God forbid, something happened to me, having two children myself, they wouldn’t have much to remember me by," Julie says.

Melissa, 40, says she started gaining weight in the fifth grade and yo-yo dieted throughout her life. At one point, the busy mother of two weighed 272 pounds and fed herself, and her children, two to three fast-food meals a day.

Growing up, Luke competed in athletics and ate like an athlete, too. After he got married, however, the 32-year-old football and basketball coach stopped exercising but kept right on eating the big meals he was used to.

"I was drinking over 2,000 calories in soda a day," he says. "I was probably eating 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day. Here I am, teaching and coaching my students to have discipline, when I had none myself," he says.

Stress Eater Sheds 200 Pounds!
At 375 pounds, Jeramy, 35, says he only took pictures from the chest up, and dressed in clothes that made him feel like he looked smaller. Whenever he was worried about something, the high school teacher says he would turn to food for comfort. It got to the point, Jeramy says, that he simply stopped caring about what he ate.

"I was jolly. I was happy. But I wasn't happy with myself. Inside, it was killing me," he explains.

Birthday Gift Leads to 200-Pound Loss!
When Desiree was 19, she tore the ligaments in her knees in a workplace accident. At about the same time, her father was diagnosed with cancer. The 34-year-old makeup artist says the two traumatic events led her to soothe her stress and anxiety with food.

Desiree put on 200 pounds in two years. "Food was my only source of happiness, and the reason I got out of bed on certain days," she says. "When I look at old pictures of myself, behind that smile, there is so much pain."

Find out what happened when Desiree tried on a birthday gift that drove her to change her eating habits.

See Desiree's 200-pound weight loss transformation! And, hear about h er biggest inspiration! 

Ladies' Home Journal: Big Weight Loss Secrets!
Slimming down is difficult to begin with, but maintaining the results can be tough, too. As three weight loss bloggers featured in the February issue of Ladies’ Home Journal show, keeping off a combined 325 pounds was a matter of finding a way to eat that would last a lifetime.

The three women reveal their new bodies! Could their tips work for you? 

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Whopping 400-Pound Weight Drop!
Mike, 26, says he was always a big kid, even bigger than his kindergarten teacher. As an adult, he filled up on 10,000 calories in an average day, which caused his weight to swell to 607 pounds.

"I was so big that 300-pound men would say, 'So long as I'm not that size, I'm good.'" Mike reveals.

After a serious car accident in 2008,  Mike says he was reminded of his own mortality.

"I didn't want to die without climbing a trail. I didn't want to die without seeing the sunset from the top of a mountain. If I found [the right] person, I want to be able to lay next to them in a bed, and give them the best me possible.

Find out what other unhealthy habits Mike had that caused  him to gain weight.

Hear how Mike dealt with an exercise setback. And, get his tips for incorporating fitness into your child's routine! 

500-Pound Fitness Pals!
Losing weight can be daunting, when you go it alone. So, Sara, Nancy and Viv decided to go on a weight loss journey together!

Lost 300 Pounds Looking for Love
At 480 pounds, Mark, 34, says he was so embarrassed by his weight, that he didn't leave his home for 10 years.

Mark started gaining weight as a child. As the years passed, and his portions and body size increased, he says he gradually became more and more depressed. "Nobody would ever date me. Nobody would ever go out with me. Losing weight was pretty much the only way to make that a reality."

Couple Loses Weight to Find Spark
Amy and Matthew say they had grown too comfortable together. Weighing in at a combined 822 pounds, the couple indulged in huge portions and fast-food meals. But when their weight threatened their future family plans, Matthew and Amy say they decided enough was enough.