Health Scare; Man with No Butt Crack; Ask Dr. Rachael

Way to Go, Marnie!

The Doctors' team is rooting for Marnie as she starts her life-changing weight loss journey!

Health Scare Experiment: Addicted to Food?
Marnie loves her two cats, her friends and her fast-food meals. She says she loves fast food so much that she eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She also says she loves to snack, chowing down on granola bars, chips, pizza and gummy bears in between her fast food binges.

But Marnie, who weighs 348 pounds, says she she wants to make a change. "After I eat all this food, physically, I feel sick. Mentally, I feel sick. I don't want to eat it, and then, I turn around and think about eating it again."

Marnie agrees to participate in a health scare experiment, in which she will learn what medical complications could occur if she continues to gain weight. Oncologist and internist Dr. Lawrence Piro volunteers to perform a full medical work-up on Marnie, as well as show her the potentially high health price she can pay for being overweight.

Dr. Piro reveals Marnie's test results. And, The Doctors share three surprises to help Marnie get started on her weight loss journey!

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Man without a Butt Crack?
Tim, 30, has been plagued with pilonidal cysts near his tailbone since he was in the seventh grade. An abnormal pocket in the skin, pilonidal cysts typically occur when an ingrown hair becomes infected, resulting in a painful abcess. 

Tim has had his cysts removed many times, but the painful growths always reappeared. Finally, his doctor suggested more drastic measures — a plastic surgeon helped perform an extensive procedure that removed the cysts entirely, but also removed chunks of Tim's buttocks and permanently closed up the space in between.

Learn what it's like to live with your butt cheeks permanently sewn shut.

Find out how pilonidal cysts formAnd, what surprise do The Doctors have for Tim? 

Ask Dr. Rachael!
From inverted nipples to staying fresh "down there," family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross answers your most personal health questions!

Dr. Rachael suggests a nonsurgical option for a woman with an inverted nipple.

From what you wear to what you eat
, get five tips to feel fresher "down there." 

Which is Worse?

Doctor on Demand App
Yolanda, who suffers from asthma, explains that after fighting off the flu a few weeks back, she's been left with a persistent, nagging cough. She says her doctors did not give her a prescription, and she's gone through three bottles of cough syrup so far, but with no change in her symptoms. Dr. Rachael and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explain how the new Doctor on Demand app could help Yolanda solve the problem of her lingering cough. See the app in action!

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