Unbelievable Body Transformations; Healthy Foods Making You Fat?

Witness incredible before-and-after body transformations! Plus, learn how seemingly healthy foods may be sabotaging your weight loss. And, how public should pregnancy be? Meet a mom who tweeted live during her labor and delivery!

What the Health?!
When it comes to beauty trends, some people will go to great lengths to get younger-looking skin, fuller lips or a more shapely body. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie joins The Doctors to shed light on three controversial new crazes.

At-home bleach facials! Is this an anti-aging secret or a toxic trend?

The Doctors try a quick fix for plumping your lips. D oes this device make your lips look like Angelina Jolie's? 

The "thut" is being touted as the newest body problem . Do you have one? And, how do you get rid of it?

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Weight Loss Makeover!
Overweight since elementary school, Mae tried dieting on and off through the years, but nothing stuck. She visited her doctor prior to turning 30, and learned to her dismay, that she had ballooned to 283 pounds. 

"I just wanted to hide in the background, so that maybe people wouldn't notice how heavy I was, how unhealthy I was, and how unhappy I was," Mae explains.

Fed up with her weight, Mae says she decided to give dieting one more try. This time, however, she blogged about her journey, which she says made her accountable to her readers and made giving up her favorite foods more tolerable.

In the past, Mae says, as long as her doctor gave her a decent bill of health, she felt good about keeping things status quo. Not only did she focus on her physical wellbeing, she took a closer look at her emotional health. "As I'm getting older, I realize I have to work on my insides. Because I'm not getting any younger, and even if I wasn't 300 pounds, even if I was thin, I should focus on how my insides are feeling, and how healthy I am."

Mae opens up about the unexpected turning point that drove her to lose half her weight!

Mae reveals her dazzling weight loss transformation! And, she shares her tips for weight loss success. 

Lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian shares his top makeover tips to have you looking even better after losing weight.

From Sick to Ripped!
Robert, 64, was struggling with his weight, using a cane and feeling depressed about his age. Those issues, plus Robert's love of fatty foods — including bacon, hot dogs, pork chops and cookies  — led his wife, Fran, to worry that time was running out on their 34-year marriage due to Robert's ill health.

"I'd wake up in the morning, and he'd have a pile of potato chips on his stomach, or he might have a pork chop bone under the pillow," Fran says.

Fran says Robert was suffering from sleep apnea, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. "That's what his family doctor said to his heart doctor, and [the heart doctor] said, 'You're going to have to do something. If not, you're going to die,'" Fran says.

Fran shares her fears for Robert's health and the fitness plan they resolved to do.

Robert reveals his amazing new body! And, what amazing feats of strength can he now perform? 

Good Foods Gone Bad?

The Doctors share five healthy foods that could be causing you to pack on the pounds! Remember: just because it's green doesn't always mean it's healthy!

Check out one green food that has a secret weight loss benefit!

Live Labor Tweets
A mom who live-tweeted while giving birth in her home bathtub shares details of the complications that sent her to the hospital minutes after her son was born.

From the first contraction to her hospital bed, blogger Ruth posted on Twitter the intimate details of her labor. "For me, it was very normal. I'm a writer by trade. So, I was used to writing about my life. And it seemed very normal for me, instead of trying to pick up phone calls, and field relatives who were eight hours ahead of me in England, I would just put it on social media, and they could catch up with me there and figure out what was going on."

But immediately following her son's birth, Ruth's midwife noticed her bleeding wasn't normal. Ruth's placenta had not detached from her body, leading to a post-partum hemorrhage. Her midwife called 911, and Ruth was rushed to the emergency room, where she received a blood transfusion.

Ruth explains that she always knew the hospital was an option, and she spent time researching midwives to find someone who would know when they needed help. "I didn't want one of those 'woo woo' crazy ladies who were going to wave sage over me," Ruth says, laughing. "I wanted somebody who was very sensible, and who was very well trained and knew what she was doing."

Ruth shares some of the tweets she sent out during her labor. And, find out what additional complication arose during her delivery.

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Snow Kidney Plea for Donor
During the winter months, smiling snowmen pop up on lawns around the United States. But in one Minnesota town, a different kind of snow sculpture appeared.

Jim, 43, and his wife, Jennie, have been searching for a kidney donor for Jim, but with no luck. Jim — who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 6 — already has undergone a kidney transplant and two pancreatic transplants due to the effects of his illness. He says his 13-year-old transplanted kidney is only operating at 25 percent capacity.

Jennie and Jim decided to build a snow kidney in their front yard. The smiling, bean-shaped mass is accompanied by a sign that states: "Kidney Wanted."

Jim says the response to his artwork has given him hope.

"In the first two days, I think we answered probably 110 emails."