Dangerous Health Trends; Family Lives with Extreme Medical Condition

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Raising Superman
Lacey and Chris Buchanan were heartbroken when they were told shortly after an 18-week ultrasound that their baby boy would be born with a cleft palate. Born via a planned C-section, their son, Christian, entered the world with a cleft so severe that his eyes didn't form completely, rendering him blind. Though they received unwelcome stares and even cruel comments via social media, the Buchanans remained positive, and became Internet sensations when they posted a video on YouTube to share their story. They say that while his disabilities may be inconvenient, they never want Christian — who they lovingly call "Superman" — to feel like he can't do what he wants to do.

“Christian, he’s meant for a little bit different journey than most people in life, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just different,” Lacey says.

Pediatric craniofacial surgeon Dr. Roberto Flores performed the complex surgery to correct the front part of Christian’s palate. He says that Christian, now 2 years old, needs additional surgery to close the roof of his mouth, to enable him to eat and speak more easily, as well as further corrective facial surgeries throughout his life.

• Learn what causes facial clefts . Plus, hear the approach Christian’s parents have taken in regard to his future.

Dangerous Teen Trends
From a hazardous new party drug to a popular matchmaking site, The Doctors break down the latest teen trends that every parent needs to know.

Assistant Sheriff Gary Pentis shares important information about a new, ecstasy-type hallucinogenic drug called “Moon Rocks.”

Learn how a new matchmaking app could be a gateway for anonymous predators and casual underage sex. 

River Beer Gut?
Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez discusses what might have caused one man’s stomach to balloon after drinking a beer tainted with river water .

Plus Size Barbie?
The Doctors weigh in on a controversial new plus-sized design for Barbie dolls. Does it send the right message to young people?

“Beauty has nothing to do with the number on the scale,” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says. “And it doesn’t have anything to do with a body type.”

Learning to Love Veggies
Tasha, 31, says she hates vegetables and refuses to eat them. A mother of two, she worries for her long-term health and fears her eating habits will rub off on her children. She asks The Doctors to help her change her veggie-hating ways, and they send in celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito to run the “veggie-vention.”

Tasha taste tests Rocco’s lasagna, chips and cupcakes. Little does she know, the chef has hidden vegetables in every item!

  Rocco talks about his weight loss journey and how his new Pound a Day Diet can help you drop excess pounds quickly

• Get Rocco’s recipe for mushroom lasagna!

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