Bullied Teen’s Battle to Regrow Hair; Shocking Brain Surgery

A Scary Diagnosis
When doctors told Vivian, 49, that she had “diseased cysts” in her breasts, she feared the worst. As a single mother to a special-needs child, her greatest concern was having to fight cancer while also trying to care for her daughter. “I have family,” she says, “but it’s a lot of responsibility.”

Vivian shares her fears about breast cancer and describes how her daughter, Mercy, is the love of her life.

Fearful of a cancer diagnosis but determined to be proactive, Vivian visits breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk.  

Dr. Funk shares Vivian’s diagnosis. Plus, learn what changes to look for when examining your breasts.  

Dr. Funk explains that the cysts in Vivian’s breasts are benign tissue that has been influenced over the years from all the cyclical changes during her menstrual cycles. “Beyond estrogen and progesterone, there are other hormones,” she says. “They all make these breast tissue changes that, between 30 and 50 years old, culminate in these periods of time when things are lumpy and tender.” This condition, known as fibrocystic breasts, is very common. The symptoms can occur any time after menstruation begins and usually reach a peak one week to a few days before a period, then decrease once menstrual flow begins. Surgical treatment is rarely necessary, and pain can be treated at home with primrose oil. Additionally, the condition usually disappears after menopause.

“It’s a huge relief,” Vivian says.

The Doctors surprise Vivian with a five-day, four-night stay at a luxury lodge in Big Bear, California, for her and her daughter.

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Bald from Bullying
Aolani, a vibrant, biracial 8-year-old, dreamt of having long flowing hair like her grandmother. After begging her mother and grandmother for two years, they finally allowed her to get hair extensions. Upon returning to school with her new hair, however, Aolani says she was bullied by her classmates, who not only called her names but also pulled on her hair, eventually damaging the stitching of the weave. Within two weeks, Aolani’s scalp had become so badly infected from her hair being pulled out that doctors warned her hair may never grow back.

“I just wanted to give my baby her dream,” Dorris, Aolani’s grandmother says, in tears. “She just wanted long hair to comb and play with.”

In a daytime exclusive, Aolani and her family join The Doctors to share their story. Plus, will Aolani have to wear a wig for the rest of her life?

Awake Brain Surgery?
Brain tumor surgery is scary for anyone, but how frightened would you be if you knew you had to undergo the entire procedure awake? Lee, 32, was recently faced with this situation after suffering a seizure at her home, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of a brain tumor that was pressing on her motor cortex. Neurosurgeon Dr. Kevin Yao is one of only a handful of surgeons in the world who perform awake brain surgeries. He and Lee, along with Lee’s husband, Erion, join The Doctors to discuss the surgery and why it was necessary for Lee to be conscious during the procedure.

Watch as Dr. Yao performs the surgery. This video contains footage from a live surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lee discusses the seizure that led to her diagnosis. Plus, learn how she felt when Dr. Yao told her about the procedure.  

Dr. Yao explains the type of tumor Lee had and why it was important for her to be conscious during the surgery.  

Embarrassing Back Bump
Lydia, 42, has been hiding an embarrassing bump on her back for the past six years. Known as a “Buffalo Hump,” the bump, made up of fat deposits, limits Lydia’s mobility and makes her uncomfortable. The Doctors send her to dermatological and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee to remove the bump and restore Lydia's confidence.

Watch as Dr. Lee performs a liposuction procedure on Lydia. This video contains footage from a live surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.