Extreme Mouth Makeover; Health Benefits of Spirituality

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Extreme Mouth Makeover!
Paula, 51, had always been tall, thin and beautiful. At 16, she became a model, but her life took a U-turn at 24, when she was introduced to methamphetamines. 

"Anything that anyone would give me, I would use," Paula explains.

The former cover girl became a drug addict and alcoholic, went in and out of rehab and lost custody of her two children. She ended up homeless and begging for change on the streets.

But Paula fought her way out of drug and alcohol addiction and is now celebrating 10 years of sobriety. Still, Paula feels she has to confront one remnant of her past life every time she looks in the mirror: her teeth. She says she only has about 10 teeth left, and avoids smiling at all costs.

The Doctors send Paula to see periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan and dentist Dr. Eddie Siman for a total mouth rehabilitation. 

Learn about the family trauma that sparked Paula's downward spiral into drugs and alcohol.

See Dr. Moldovan and Dr. Siman perform a groundbreaking new treatment to restore Paula's smile. 

Paula reveals her new smile! Plus, learn how fixing your teeth can change your whole appearance .

"Things are totally different today, and I'm really looking forward to being able to smile and eat like a normal person and maybe be pretty again," Paula says.

Have Faith in Your Health
Having spent his youth working hard to fulfill his dreams of playing football, Miles McPherson became the first All-American from the University of New Haven and achieved his goal of playing pro ball for the Los Angeles Rams and later, the San Diego Chargers. 

Off the field, however, the defensive back's behaviors took a toll on his well-being. During his first two years playing in the league, McPherson says he snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana and chased women. But, after watching one of his teammates smoke crack, the football star said enough was enough. He decided to give his life to the Lord, enrolled at theology school and earned a Master of Divinity.

Now a pastor and founder of San Diego's The Rock Church and Academy, McPherson is also the president and founder of Miles Ahead, an outreach ministry for teens and adults.

"I want my life to be a symbol of what everyone else's life can be, and that's someone who is lost can be found," McPherson says.

Spiritual Healing?
Energetic and bubbly at 16, teen mom Dalaina lost her spirit two years later, according to her mother, Jennifer. Jennifer says her daughter started running with a different crowd, skipping gymnastic practices and letting her grades slide.

"Dalaina is not doing what a mother should be doing," Jennifer says, of her now 19-year-old daughter. "She's smoking weed, and she's getting so thin and looking washed out, and she's not my Dalaina."

Dalaina shares details of her daily struggle. Plus, what does she hate looking at?