Clint Black’s Family Tragedy; No-Knife Tummy Tuck

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Clint Black's Family Tragedy
Country legend Clint Black has triple platinum albums, more than a dozen number-one hits and several major awards, but on a personal level, he is also an uncle who lost his niece to a rare disorder. It's likely you've never heard of the medical condition that took 16-year-old Cortney's life, and Clint wants that to change.

Clint lost Cortney to Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder that primarily affects girls. The syndrome is characterized by normal early growth, followed by a slowing or missing of developmental milestones, loss of directed hand movements, slowed brain and head growth, problems with walking, seizures and intellectual disability.

The behaviors that children with Rett syndrome exhibit can often bewilder their families. "It's as if some alien being has come in and destroyed this person, ravaging them still every day," Clint explains. "It goes on and on and on. And the stress on the family is tremendous."

• In a one-on-one interview with Dr. Travis, Clint shares the signs every parent should know. Plus, find out how he is fighting back.
• For more information about Rett syndrome,  please visit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation . 

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