Animal Kingdom Cures? Food Pharmacy

Health Cures from the Animal Kingdom
Animal expert David Mizejewski joins The Doctors to introduce two animals that are making huge strides to improve the health of humans. Could they help you?

Many people have a fear of snakes, but could the cold-blooded creatures actually provide a cure for heart disease ?

Find out which venomous critter's saliva is used to treat diabetes

“Wild species — that is truly how we get our cures,” says E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork. “These two animals are just part of the wild cures that are out there.”

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Word of the Day

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Food Pharmacy
Sometimes the best medicine is simply a healthy meal. Learn which food items you should add to your shopping list this week:

• Watercress: With more calcium than a cup of milk and more iron than spinach, this green is a great addition to any salad or sandwich.
• Kimchi: This popular Korean dish made of fermented cabbage and spices is not only low in calories, but high in digestion-promoting probiotic bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Macadamia oil: With more monounsaturated fats than olive oil and a higher cooking point, this tasty, yet expensive, oil has gained favor among chefs and foodies alike.
• Black rice: Known as “forbidden rice” because ancient Chinese nobles kept it to themselves, this grain contains more antioxidants than blueberries.

Bizarre in the ER
From the strange to the downright shocking, ER physician Dr. Armand Dorian shares two case files from the emergency medicine department.

What did Dr. Dorian find in the shoe of one overweight man? Plus, learn the importance of good foot care.

Hear how one man's trip to the spa ended in a 3-hour surgery. Could it happen to you? 

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Common Beauty Blunders
Beauty expert Diane, from Burke Williams Day Spa, shares three common beauty blunders you may be making , and how to avoid them:

High-definition makeup: Even celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Melissa Joan Hart fall victim to this blunder. To avoid a powdery appearance, be sure to apply moisturizer prior to applying this type of makeup.
Makeup remover wipes: Many women prefer the ease of makeup removing wipes to a good face wash before bed, but Diane demonstrates how much residue is left over by these products. To avoid skin irritation, wash skin thoroughly after use.

Towel-drying hair too harshly: To avoid damaging the hair follicles, use a regular cotton t-shirt to squeeze and blot wet hair, instead of roughly rubbing hair with a towel.

Which is Worse?!
When it comes to making healthy decisions, sometimes the correct choice is not so obvious.

Which is worse: skipping a meal or overeating? The answer may surprise you.

Learn whether sleeping in can help or hinder your health. Plus, is it worse than
staying up late