Vanessa Carlton Exclusive; Rocco DiSpirito; Explosive Health Hazards

Exploding Head Syndrome

Diana says she hears a crashing sound as she's about to fall asleep. Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta joins The Doctors to explain what causes this unusual syndrome , and what you can do to ensure a good night's sleep.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?
The Doctors start things off with a bang, discussing recent reports of exploding e-cigarettes — the battery-operated devices that turn nicotine or other chemicals into a vapor that is inhaled by the user. The devices are hailed as an alternative for tobacco smokers who want to avoid inhaling smoke, as they provide a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke without the additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. However, the FDA has not regulated e-cigarettes yet, and the market includes some low-quality products that are not compliant with good manufacturing practices.

Many consumers have been surprised to find that their device doesn’t shut off when fully charged, leading to the battery exploding and causing severe burns to the user. The Doctors are joined via polycom by one such user, Kinzie, whose e-cigarette device exploded in her car while she was driving . The device ricocheted off the roof of the vehicle and landed in the back seat where Kinzie’s young son, Khonor, was sitting. Khonor suffered first and second degree burns on the left side of his body, and Kinzie says he’s now suffering from PTSD as a result of the incident.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon advises that smokers who are trying to quit should try other methods — including nicotine patches or gum — before attempting to use e-cigarettes.

Hot Headlines
From exploding breast implants to microwave dangers, The Doctors tackle the latest health hazards in the news.

Dr. Ordon explains what can cause a breast implant to rupture . Are you at risk?

Learn why you may want to rethink using your microwave to make your next cup of tea

Healthy Home Cooking
Celebrity chef and host of the new Food Network show, Restaurant Divided, Rocco DiSpirito joins The Doctors to offer a blind taste test of healthy vs. unhealthy meatballs . Each of The Docs, along with a few lucky audience members, takes a bite of Rocco’s original meatball recipe and a bite of his healthier version, not knowing which is which, and votes on which they prefer.

Find out which meatball reigns supreme, and get the recipe !

Vanessa Carlton’s Health Scare
Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton opens up about a personal health crisis that could have been fatal. Just a few weeks into her first pregnancy, Vanessa says she felt like something was wrong. She felt an ache on one side of her abdomen and had some light spotting. She began tracking her hormones regularly, as one would do during a high-risk pregnancy, and insisted on an early ultrasound, which was inconclusive. A few days later, she says she started to feel cramping and a sharp pain in her shoulder.

“It felt like lightning hit my shoulder, and I screamed out,” she says. “That was an indication of internal bleeding. There [was] blood in the stomach, pushing on that nerve.”

Vanessa was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and rushed into surgery. Learn more about the possible causes and symptoms of ectopic pregnancies  and the surgery that saved Vanessa’s life.

Doctor’s Orders
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork offers tips for more restful, stress-free sleep. 1. Remove bright lights and computers from the bedroom
2. Have a consistent sleep-wake cycle

3. Limit alcohol intake before bed
4. Set bedroom temperature to 66 degrees