Breaking Medical News; Gel Manicure Dangers

Game Day Ads
With the big game just days away, The Doctors take a sneak peek at two of the most provocative commercials produced to air Sunday.

Sea of Germs
A Royal Caribbean cruise ship returned to port early after almost 700 passengers and crew members fell ill with vomiting and diarrhea. Jennifer, a passenger who quarantined herself when she became sick,  joins The Doctors to share what it was like to be on the Explorer of the Seas at the height of the outbreak.

"It was very chaotic, very scary," Jennifer explains. "A lot of people, including myself, got sick, experiencing symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, the stomach pains. It was a nightmare."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not given an official cause for the outbreak, but norovirus — a highly contagious virus that causes acute vomiting and diarrhea — is a likely candidate.

Learn how the norovirus is transmitted. And, you may be surprised to learn how long you are contagious after contracting the virus.

Click here for more information about norovirus.

Manicure Hazards

The Doctors investigate the dangers that could be lurking under your fingernails. Plus, learn why you may want to rethink your next trip to the nail salon.

Decorating your nails can be a fun way to express your personal style. But
could your nail style be jeopardizing your health?

 Are gel manicures dangerous? Learn how this hot new trend may increase your risk of developing cancer.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

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Anti-Rape Wear?
A controversial new clothing line claims that it protects its wearers from being sexually assaulted. The Doctors weigh in on the effectiveness of this product and offer alternative solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe.

“Rape is not just about sex. Rape is about violence,” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says. “And just because you make it impossible for someone to take off the lower garments on a woman, does not mean she cannot be sexually assaulted.”

The clothing line, which aims to make women and girls feel safer when out and about, is constructed using cut-resistant fabric, as well as locks around the leg openings and waistline, which when set, cannot be lifted or shifted to the sides.

The Doctors advise taking more proactive steps to protect yourself, including carrying pepper spray and taking a self-defense class.

“To me, this is not an adequate solution for a very serious problem,” Dr. Ashton says.

Social Media Backlash 

The Doctors discuss the story of a female teacher who was fired after a vacation photograph of her and her fiancé, who is also a teacher, appeared on social media. Since her partner was not fired, but was merely reprimanded by the school administration, Dr. Ashton wonders if there was perhaps a double standard involved.

“Is it justifiable to fire someone for this?” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks.

While the school says that it was a personnel decision and did not confirm the reason for the teacher's dismissal, The Doctors advise using caution when interacting on social media sites.

Cosmetic Quick Fix 

Georgia, 20, was born with two unsightly bumps on her ears and says she has been teased about them throughout her life. Known as accessory tragi, the bumps are benign anomalies of the external ear that are made up of skin, fat and sometimes cartilage, which form due to errors during fetal development in the womb. 

Georgia joins The Doctors in the procedure room, where board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee performs a simple excision to remove the bumps.