Celebrity “Gyno-logues”

Celebrity guests join The Doctors to help deliver the down-low on women’s health — “down there.” Learn how the female anatomy evolves with age, how to identify below-the-belt disorders and more! Plus, a “hot flash house call” to help Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger manage pre-menopause.

Celebrity Gyno-logues! 

Fran Drescher, Joanna Krupa and Jenifer Lewis join The Doctors to speak openly and honestly about the big V! Meet the celebrities!

A Jaw-Dropping Myth?

Hold on to your bikini!  Which celebrity said she was afraid to dip her toes in the ocean during her period? Was it Khloe Kardashian, Paula Abdul or Paris Hilton?

PMS: A Mental Disorder? 

Women who experience extreme mood swings during their menstrual periods can now be diagnosed as having a mental disorder. 

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, also known as "PMS on steroids," is now listed in the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

PMDD can be marked by a deep depression and anxiety that occurs up to two weeks before a woman's period begins. While only one percent of women are affected by PMDD, it does prompt disabling emotional, and sometimes physical reactions to the hormonal changes that come with a woman’s period. 

Many doctors agree with the new classification, but do our guests?

"That’s ridiculous," Fran says, laughing. "Because, if hormones make women emotional, testosterone makes men aggressive. So, let's send them to the loony bin!"

Extreme PMS can have powerful effects on the body. Do you recognize these symptoms?

Jenifer, Fran and Joanna
share their worst PMS stories. What happened to Joanna's Prada shoe?

The "Sham-Gasm!"
Although most of the focus in recent years has been on women faking their orgasms, it turns out that male fakers are much more common than first thought. New research suggests that almost 20 percent of men sometimes fake orgasms!

Find out if women are worried about male fakers. And, watch Dr. Travis reenact an infamous movie scene!

Fran Drescher's "Down There" Dialogue
Fran joins family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman to ask the one question about tampon use many women are afraid to ask: What happens if your tampon gets stuck?

You can't lose a tampon, Dr. Rachael explains. "If it actually does get stuck there, and if you forget that it's in there, like all of us have, and you put a second one in, there does become this really strong, foul odor that you start to notice," Dr. Rachael says. "Then, you come in the doctor's office, and we remove it. It's really a process."

Dr. Rachael demonstrates what a doctor sees when they are looking for a stuck tampon.

Fran, a cancer survivor, gives tips on how to spot the warning signs of uterine cancer.

Grooming During Pregnancy?

Actress and director, Kim Fields, is expecting her second child! She has a very personal "down there" question for The Doctors!

Hot Flash House Call! 

Celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger may have the dating scene down cold, but her hot flashes are nothing to fall in love with. Dr. Berman pays Patti a visit to determine the best treatment options to soothe her pre-menopause symptoms.

"This last month has been crazy for me as far as symptoms go," Patti explains. "I'm always getting hot flashes, like, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night, and I'm tired all the time. I don't know what the [bleep] is going on, so to speak!"

Dr. Berman explains how they can individually tailor treatment to meet Patti's needs. But, in a surprising turn of events, it's Patti who ends up  prescribing a "cure" for Dr. Berman!

"Down There": Decade by Decade! 

As the years go by, the female anatomy goes through many changes — eventually steering women into menopause. How it looks, how it feels and even how it smells can differ drastically from your 20s through your 50s.

Jenifer has questions about menopause and aging, t hen, she entertains The Doctors with her menopause song: "Hot Flash!"

The Doctors demonstrate what happens to your private parts as they age. Plus, get tips for finding the best lubricants!

Delivery Room Demand 

The Doctors deliver answers about women’s most pressing questions about labor and delivery!

Which celebrity compared her amniotic fluid to a fire hydrant?

One for the men: Is being in the delivery room a turnoff?

Joanna Krupa: Panty Problems! 

From yeast infections to stringy discharge, The Doctors and  The Real Housewives of Miami  star Joanna Krupa are getting real about one of the most important body parts of all: the vagina! Learn the facts about vaginal discharge, infections and odors.