13-Year-Old Drug User

Marranda, 13, has type1 diabetes and is abusing drugs. Even though her father died of an overdose, Marranda admits she uses ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, with no regard for the dangers and the damage they are causing to her body.

Internist and addiction specialist Dr. J. Keller Wortham shows Marranda how substance abuse affects organs with a mock autopsy, and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shows the teen how drugs will affect the outside of her body.

Certified addiction specialist and founder and president of ACTION Family Counseling Cary Quashen stages an intervention for Marranda and takes her to a rehab program.

"You're an amazing person, but you've got to hear all this and believe all this," Cary says to Marranda. "She's such a great kid. Isn't she great? And that commitment, it needs to come from [your head] and [your heart]. You need to feel it."

"But I'll tell you what," Cary adds. "If I'm going to have to move her into my world for the rest of her life, she's going to make it. This kid is going to stay clean, whether she likes it or not. We have a lot of people that are here to support her. And you know what? She really does want it. You know what she told me? [She said] 'When I grow up, I want to be a drug counselor.' Isn't that cool?"

While sitting in the audience, Marranda says goodbye to drugs and hello to life.