Ali Larter; Celebrity Beauty Fixes; Dr. Travis’ Big Surprise

The Doctors reveals Hollywood’s best-kept beauty secrets! Learn how to get Mariah Carey's lips, Cate Blanchett's skin and more! Then, actress Ali Larter dishes out holiday recipes from her new cookbook. And, see how a 16-year-old Colorado girl inspired E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork to take part in a 100-mile bike marathon!  

Coffee's On!

Feel like a cup of joe? How about on your thigh? Find out which celebrity reportedly uses ground coffee as an anti-cellulite treatment! 

Biggest Celebrity Beauty Fixes!
From Mariah Carey to Nicki Minaj, some of Hollywood's A-listers look red carpet-ready 24 hours a day. And now, celebrity stylist and beauty expert Jeannie Mai joins The Doctors to reveal four simple, affordable celebrity beauty treatments you can do at home!

Jeannie shares the secrets to flawless legs, plump lips and glowing skin. "I’m excited about this, because these are tried-and-true celebrity tips," Jeannie explains.

OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton wants to try Jeannie's tip for getting your eyeliner perfect, a la Lady Gaga. "I'm a big fan of the liquid liner," Ashton says. "And so many times, I'll be in the mirror, and I'll say to myself, 'Why can I take out a uterus, and I cannot get this line straight?'"

Learn the reported secrets behind Nicki Minaj's skin treatment for hiding bruises, and Mariah Carey's unique ingredient for full lips! 

Find out how Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett gets her glowing skin. And, watch Jeannie make up Dr. Travis just like Lady Gaga! 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards reveals her body beauty fix! Plus, learn her secret for lush lashes! 

Wrinkle Shrinker?

What common household product does Sandra Bullock allegedly
use on her face as an anti-wrinkle treatment?

Healthy Holiday Recipes!
Ali Larter may be best known for her work on television's Heroes, as well as the films Varsity Blues and Legally Blonde, but when she's not busy acting, she's heating things up in the kitchen!

The actress-turned-chef has written Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours. The cookbook celebrates a year of food and entertaining month by month, so the reader can follow along through the seasons. 

"I love to cook, and I love to entertain, and a lot of cookbooks I've seen, they're just so perfect, and I didn't feel like there was something that was really accessible," Ali explains. "Parties at my house are all about messy food, simple ingredients and things that, a lot of times, you can make the night before. Because you can't shop, cook and get everything ready the day that you’re having a dinner party."

Check out Ali's recipes for Kale Salad, Rustic Stuffing and Vegan Chocolate Truffles!

Ali Larter shares the recipe for a sweet, yet healthy, dessert with Dr. Travis. 

 Ali has a question for The Doctors about an issue that affects most women. 

From Doctor to Patient
Oftentimes, people's busy schedules get in the way of staying on top of their health, and Dr. Ashton is no exception. She recently took time out of her busy day to pay an important visit to a doctor in New Jersey to get her suspicious moles checked. 

"There's a saying that doctors are the worst patients," Dr. Ashton explains. "It's very difficult, sometimes, to take myself from behind the desk as the doctor to the patient and sometimes to follow my own advice."

Dr. Ashton finally gets the biopsies she's been avoiding for two years. 

Plastic and general surgeon Dr. R. Gil Altman reveals Dr. Ashton's biopsy results. 

Dr. Travis' Surprise House Call
Dr. Travis recently made a surprise visit to hundreds of fans at a health and wellness speaking event in Denver. The fans gave him a warm, mile-high welcome and shared their inspirational stories of beating the odds, despite health issues. But one girl's story of courage in the face of a harrowing decision that inspired Dr. Travis the most.

Dr. Travis surprises his fans in Denver! Plus, meet his mom and dad!

Dr. Travis meets Lauren, 16, an amputee with an ambitious goal. 

Learn about the condition that can cost children the use of their legs. 

Celebrity RumorFix
Sometimes, celebrities can be caught in some pretty unflattering photos before they get all glammed up to go out. executive editor Richard Ayoub uncovers some of Tinseltown’s juiciest shutterbug shots.

Find out why Scarlett Johansson reportedly uses cider vinegar on her skin! is owned by The Doctors creator and executive producer Jay McGraw.

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