Tricks & Treats for a Happy & Healthy Halloween!

The Magic of Makeup
The Doctors pay tribute to the golden era of Tinseltown by dressing up as the ghosts of Hollywood stars who are gone — but never forgotten.

Dr. James Dean? Dr. Marilyn Monroe? Dr. Elvis Presley?
See The Doctors as you've never seen them before!

Meet the team of makeup specialists who transformed The Doctors into living, breathing black-and-white photographs!

Click here for tips to create a monochromatic look for your Halloween costume!

Halloween Health Q&A
From how fear affects the body to how scary movies impact children, The Doctors provide answers to Halloween health questions.

Actor and comedian Orlando Jones wants to know whether it’s possible to be so scared that you soil your pants!

Halloween and horror films often go hand-in-hand. But how young is too young to be exposed to scary movies?

Dr. Travis' Surprise House Call to a 2-Year-Old Fan!

Two-year-old Chloe isn't the typical toddler. While most kids her age are watching cartoons, she's watching The Doctors! "Her favorite doctor, by far, is Dr. Travis Stork," Chloe's mother, Melanie, says. "She'll blow him kisses. She'll try to [give] hugs. She pretends to call him on a daily basis. Chloe is Dr. Travis' biggest little fan."

For Halloween, Chloe has told her mom that she wants to dress up as Dr. Travis! However, before Chloe can go trick-or-treating, her mother has insisted that she do a better job of brushing her teeth. "She wants to do it herself, but her teeth aren't getting cleaned. She'd rather just suck on the toothbrush," Melanie explains. "Every single day, it's a struggle."

See how Chloe reacts when ER physician Dr. Travis Stork makes a surprise house call to teach her the importance of oral hygiene!

Frightening Fat Facts

There's a high price to pay for obesity ... literally! Learn frightening facts about fat that will scare you straight to lose weight!

Run For Your Lives!
In the spirit of Halloween, Dr. Sears and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman took part in a zombie-infested 5K obstacle course called Run For Your Lives, which banks on fear to burn maximum calories! Since the event began in 2012, Run For Your Lives reports that 50,880 participants have "survived," while 114,781 have been "infected."

The Run For Your Lives event is held in multiple locations across the U.S. and is partnered with the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an organization dedicated to helping children and adolescents with injuries and disorders of the brain.

The race features more than three miles of man-made and natural obstacles, including mud pits, tunnels, "blood pits" and more! Runners are forced to navigate the series of challenging obstacles and escape the horde of zombies waiting to claim them as one of their own.

Dr. Sears becomes one of the undead and chases down Dr. Berman in a 5K obstacle course overrun by zombies!

Dr. Berman and Dr. Sears describe the intense, terror-filled experience that tested the limits of their strength and endurance!

Shocking Hazards of Sugar-Free Candy
Before you start consuming your stockpile of Halloween candy, learn surprising dangers that come with particular treats!

Halloween diarrhea? See which sugar-free sweets can send you running to the bathroom!

Learn which sugar substitute has been shown to be 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate!