Too Hot for TV!

Your most burning health questions — answered! See soothing solutions to beat the heat of spicy foods. And, learn how to tell if your child’s fever is dangerously high. Plus, hot tips to keep your sex life sizzling. And, find out which surprising item in your home could cause second-degree burns!

Burning Questions, Soothing Answers
Do your lungs burn in the cold? Do spicy foods give you a hot butt? Learn why certain parts of your body feel like they are on fire, as The Doctors provide relief for some of your hottest health questions.

Why do certain spicy foods lead to a burning sensation on the other end?

What can you do to prevent your lungs from burning when it's cold?

Can the chemicals in your hot tub or pool scorch your lungs?

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Burning Throat?
Michelle complains of having chronic sore throat. But, whenever she heads to the drugstore to find something to soothe the pain, she is confused by the bewildering array of products used to treat the condition. The Doctors reveal three things that can cause a sore throat and four things you can do to soothe it. Plus, discover the four signs that indicate strep throat.

Red-Hot Pee?
A Facebook fan wants to know: "Why does it burn when I pee?" Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears corrects a common misconception about urinary tract infections.

Hot Wax!
Learn how to prevent a skin burn from waxing. Plus, find out the one important thing to do before you wax that could save you a lot of embarrassment!

Sensitive Teeth?
Do your teeth feel hot after whitening them? Or icy cold? Dentist Ryan Candelora reveals  the two reasons your teeth might feel oversensitive to changes in temperature after you bleach.

Fever Facts
How hot is too hot when it comes to a fever? Dr. Sears provides guidelines on the temperatures you need to watch out for when your child comes down with a fever. Then, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the difference between childhood and adult fevers.

Hot and Bothered
Over Headlines? 

Do cell phones really cause brain tumors? And can the flu vaccine actually make you sick? Readers Digest Editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello joins Dr. Travis to explain when a health headline should cause you to worry and when you can let it go.

Turn Up the Heat
Beth, 36, is married with three children. After the premature birth of her second child, Beth says she has not been able to feel anything during sex. Consequently, she and her husband only have sex once a month, and Beth fears her husband will grow to resent her.

"I just feel like I'm a failure," Beth says. "And sometimes, I just think, wow, he should have just married someone else, because look at this, I can't even have sex with my husband. I don't want to be stressing out before I go to bed every night and saying, 'Oh my God, what if he wants to have sex tonight?' and what excuse can I come up with. It makes me feel awful."

After 11 years of having no sex drive and very little self-esteem, Beth turns to family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman to find a solution to her sexual dilemma.

Beth shares the details behind a common problem: no sex drive.

Dr. Rachael and Dr. Berman team up to find the source of Beth's concern.

The Doctors reveal possible causes of Beth's lack of sexual feeling and offer solutions.

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Flood Victim House Call
In September, Colorado was devastated by one of the worst floods in its history. Dr. Travis visits a single dad and his two young sons, who were forced out of their home in Lyons, Colorado when flooding destroyed the town's dam.

Dr. Travis surprises the family
with home furnishings to help them start a new life. Plus, learn where not to seek shelter during a flood.

Backyard Burn

During a backyard pool party, five little girls suffered second-degree burns after playing with a common household item.

The children were taken to the emergency room the following day when the red marks that covered them head to toe began to blister.

Find out which item sent the girls to the hospital, and the best way to immediately treat the problem, should it happen to your child.