Pests, Poison, Pollution: What’s Hiding in Your Home?

The shocking home video every parent needs to see — it could save your child’s life! Then, learn how to protect your family from a hazard that may be hiding in the walls of your home! Plus, surprising connections between a tidy house and a healthy weight!

Unexpected Home Danger! 

When it comes to children, most people know the obvious risks. But what about the risks that aren't so obvious? Watch a shocking home video every parent needs to watch!

Is there an accident waiting to happen at your house?

Eric Stromer, host of HGTV's Over Your Head, explains how to handle one of the most common home dangers.

Surprising Rodent Risks!

Twenty-one million homes in the United States will be invaded this winter by a creature that doesn't care if it lives in a penthouse or an outhouse: rodents.

Mice, rats and other rodents can put families at risk for everything from Lyme disease, to a sometimes fatal respiratory condition caused by hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, or HPS. And, even if your home is rodent-free, a staggering 82 percent of homes have allergens from past rodent infestations, according to Science Daily. These leftover allergens can cause breathing problems and asthma issues.

Learn more about rats and how to safely eliminate your health risks!

Unseen Hoarding Health Hazard 

Organizing expert Dorothy Breininger may be best known for helping others remove clutter from their homes on A&E's Hoarders, but she quickly realized she, too, had a cluttering problem: She was cluttering her body with extra pounds. At her heaviest? Dorothy weighed 200 pounds, but when she realized she was hoarding food, she was able to shed 75 pounds by adjusting her eating habits. 

Decluttering inspires people, Dorothy explains. Hanging up clothes, checking old emails, opening the bills, and emptying your voicemail box relieves people of the anxiety they carry around every day — which causes them to eat. "That’s the whole thing," Dorothy says. "We see the clutter, and we eat because of the clutter. I mean, what's underneath all our clutter is what we want to ask."

Click here to learn more about the connection between your mess and your weight!

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Feet First 

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer's chief medical officer, joins The Doctors to discuss what your feet may be saying about your health.

"There is something I want everybody to know ," she explains. "People with diabetes are twice as likely to have problems with their feet, and they can go on to develop nerve damage."