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In a The Doctors exclusive interview, Casey Kasem's daughter, Kerri, opens up about the bitter dispute between her sisters and her stepmother. Plus, The Doctors reveal whether Hollywood’s hottest health headlines are real or rumor! Then, can hard-boiled eggs help heal bruises? And, surprising home remedies with an unusual key ingredient: vodka!

Should Child Molesters
Be Castrated?

The Doctors discuss legislation recently filed in the state of Alabama that would require surgical castration for any child molester over the age of 21, whose victim was 12 years old or younger.

Exclusive: Kerri Kasem Speaks Out
Legendary radio personality and voice actor Casey Kasem is beloved by many Americans. Now 81 and battling Parkinson's disease, Kasem is stuck in the middle of a bitter family dispute between his wife and his daughters. According to Kasem's daughters, their stepmother refuses to allow them to see or speak with their dad, and they are further barred from having any contact with Casey's doctors and, therefore, are uncertain of his current course of treatment.

"This has nothing to do with money," Casey's daughter Julie says in a taped interview. "My stepmom can have everything. She can have all of the money and then some. We just want our dad back."

Casey's daughter Kerri joins The Doctors to discuss the family battle. "Not seeing him when he needs us the most has been the hardest thing," she says.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork emphasizes, "This, in many ways, is another example of thinking about end-of-life care ... It's so very important to have a plan in place while everyone is healthy, so that you know exactly what's going to happen if you become ill or if someone you know becomes ill."

Real or Rumor: Hollywood Health Headlines
Executive editor of, Richard Ayoub, gives the scoop on the latest celebrity health rumors.

Did Kanye West get an implant "down there"?

Rumor has it Ben Affleck thinks women are smarter than men. Is it true?

Lamar Odom allegedly cheated on wife Khloe Kardashian with multiple women. Has she been tested for STDs?

Are You Normal ... or Not?

Editor-in-chief of Reader's Digest Liz Vaccariello stops by to reveal three interesting behaviors and help determine whether you may be normal ... or not.

Surprise Surgery
Janet, who works as the executive assistant to creator and executive producer of The Doctors, Jay McGraw, joins the show to discuss a surprising and distressing health situation she recently experienced.

One day, Janet woke up with sore, red eyes and, assuming it was a simple case of conjunctivitis, or pink eye, she went to see her eye doctor, opthalmologist Dr. Stuart Stoll.

A quick exam showed that her eyes were suffering from something much more serious — a condition called narrow angles, which is a precursor to glaucoma.

Stunned by the diagnosis and fearful of the condition worsening, Janet underwent emergency laser surgery to relieve the pressure on her corneas and save her vision.

Janet describes her experience. Plus, see the surgery that saved her eyesight.

Dr. Stoll explains the condition and what symptoms you should look for.

Home Remedies … with Vodka?!
Hollywood beauty expert Kym Douglas shares simple home remedies featuring an unusual ingredient: vodka!

Kym shares an easy-to-make  treatment for a sore throat.

Looking for a cost-efficient toner for your skin? Kym's got you covered!  

Are aches and pains ruining your game? Try this unique home remedy.

• Can a cocktail really cure your hangover?  

• Get more helpful home remedies and beauty tips from Kym's book, Bliss Happens, available in stores nationwide. Bliss Happens is published by Bird Street Books, which is owned by The Doctors executive producer, Jay McGraw.