Mom Fakes Son’s Cancer? Bedtime Beauty Tips; Severely Swollen Foot

Faking pediatric cancer? Healing powers of prayer? The Doctors reveal shocking medical stories you have to see to believe! Then, how a minor foot injury had a debilitating impact on one woman’s life! Plus, wake up revitalized with three bedtime beauty tips for radiant skin! 

Mom Fakes Son’s Cancer?
An Ohio mom is in jail for allegedly faking her 4-year-old son's cancer diagnosis and accepting gifts and donations on behalf of the boy.

Emily Creno-King, 31, reportedly told family and friends that her son, JJ, had terminal brain cancer. The allegations are that she shaved JJ's head, made him wear a surgical mask outside and allegedly gave him medications for seizures she told doctors JJ was suffering from.

She also set up a Facebook page, asking for police and firefighter badges for JJ, who had always dreamed of becoming an officer. Touched by JJ’s story, at least 20 people also made monetary donations, according to police.

Reports suggest and The Doctors suspect that Creno-King has Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disorder in which someone pretends a family member is sick — or deliberately makes them sick — for attention.

When did people begin to suspect Emily was hiding something? And, is this mom getting treatment?

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains how the child may be further affected.

Small Injury Leads to Lifetime of Pain
Prior to 1996, Kathy, 46, led an active life. She skied, rode horses and took long motorcycle rides with her husband. She even worked in the athletics department at a community college. But in one moment, Kathy’s energetic lifestyle was cut short, and she was left with a lifetime of acute inflammation, uncontrollable muscle spasms and debilitating pain.

Kathy shares the story of her rare disorder with The Doctors and gives them a glimpse into what her daily life is like.

Beauty Before Bed!
Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross demonstrates three simple bedtime beauty recipes for glowing skin. And ER physician Dr. Travis Stork volunteers to try them all!

Got baggy eyes? Depuff with c ucumber green tea puffy eye pads !

Dr. Rachael has a surprising use for your old toothbrush

Try red wine and yogurt for an antioxidant facial.

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Best Paw Forward?

Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell shares a new pet product that will have your dog back on all four feet in no time.

Neo-Paws, orthopedic dog shoes made of neoprene and rubber, offer support, grip and shock absorption for the family pet.  These shoes can benefit many dogs,  Dr. Courtney explains. Dogs suffering from arthritis, joint pain and even burns due to hot pavement may find some relief.

"If you also kind of think of (Neo-Paws) like the grip tape in your shower, then imagine if you had that grip tape everywhere you went," Dr. Courtney says. "For those hardwood floors, for those ceramic tiles, so you don't slide."

Check out plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon's dog Lulu trying on a Neo-Paws bootie! 

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Power of Prayer? 

Can prayer help you heal? New Destiny Christian Center senior pastor Paula White joins The Doctors to discuss the ways that she believes prayer can improve your health. And find out what The Doctors think  prayer can do.