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From your spice rack to your bedtime snack, The Doctors reveal startling food facts that may make you think twice about what you eat! Plus, learn all-natural solutions for shiny, healthy hair. And, stay updated on the hottest health headlines in The Doctors’ Friday News Feed!

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Hear details on pop star Justin Bieber's recent arrest for DUI.

Recent tabloid reports speculate that singer Katy Perry has undergone plastic surgery. The Doctors and Richard weigh in.

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Fertility Treatment Scandal
For couples struggling to conceive, artificial insemination can be a dream come true, but for one couple, their dream became a nightmare ... 20 years after the fertility treatment enabled them to have a child.

Pam and her daughter Annie, who was conceived via artificial insemination, both became interested in ancestry, so they decided to make it a family project to trace back their roots. The family sent DNA samples to a company that specializes in the service, and the results they received were shocking: Annie's DNA did not match that of her father. They then consulted with genetic genealogist CeCe Moore, who advised them to send Annie's DNA to another laboratory, where it was entered into a national database.

The results revealed that Annie's actual biological father was a former felon named Thomas Ray Lippert, who served two years in prison for kidnapping a female college student in 1975. Lippert, who died in 1999, worked at the fertility clinic where Annie was conceived for more than a decade, so it's possible that he may have switched out sperm donors' samples with his own on numerous occasions. "Considering his past, and his ability to victimize women in particular, I would be very surprised if he only did this one time," Moore says.

Hear how the family has reacted since learning the unexpected news.

Learn about the resources available for people who fear they may be victims of Lippert's alleged actions.

Health Clues Your Hair Can Reveal

The Doctors are joined by three hairstylists, who address common hair complaints they hear from their clients. Could your locks be leaving clues about your overall health?

 See which foods can help prevent hair breakage.  
• Get the recipe for an easy, at-home treatment to help enhance your hair’s strength and texture.

 Excessive shedding? Learn which health conditions can cause thinning hair, and see how adding iron to your
diet may help treat the problem.

 Learn how to tell when a dry, itchy scalp could be a sign of a serious skin condition.

Milk and Cookie Disease?

Many children enjoy a glass of milk and dessert before getting ready for bed; however, in some cases, this nightly habit can cause them to suffer recurring cold and allergy-like symptoms.

Pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Julie Wei began to suspect that foods could be a factor, after she discovered that many of her otherwise healthy patients were experiencing frequent coughs, congestion and sore throats that were not improving with medication. “I coined the term ‘Milk and Cookie Disease’ because I came to realize that our children’s diet today can have very high dairy and very high sugar,” Dr. Wei says.

Learn why consuming too much sugar and dairy before bedtime could have a negative effect on children’s health. Plus, see healthier snack alternatives for satisfying your child’s nighttime hunger cravings.

Contaminated Spices

Could your spice rack be making you sick? The U.S. imports more than 80 percent of its spices, and alarming research conducted by the FDA revealed that roughly 7 percent of them were tainted with salmonella. The dangerous bacterium was found to be more prevalent in coriander, black pepper, basil, oregano and sesame seeds.

Between 2007 and 2010, three major outbreaks of salmonella were traced back to imported spices. Since that time, safety protocols have been put in place to help reduce the risk of contamination. The Doctors explain how salmonella affects the body, and share the best ways to safeguard against foodborne illness.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

The Doctors has an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column!

• Latest: Managing Cold and Flu Symptoms.
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• See which local newspapers feature USA Weekend.

Recent reports show that approximately 45 percent of men are dissatisfied with their body image, causing a growing number of them to become obsessed with bulking up. This rising trend — labeled “bigorexia” — could result in serious health problems, both physically and psychologically.

Medically known as muscle dysmorphia, bigorexia is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes individuals to become fixated with the notion that their muscular build is undersized and underdeveloped, which leads them to exercise to excess and overuse fitness supplements to attain their desired body image.

 Learn the potential dangers of bodybuilding supplements and the common symptoms of bigorexia.

• Want to add muscle mass in a healthy way? Get the recipe for a chicken and broccoli frittata.