25-Year-Old Zit; Dangerous Bra Mistakes; Is Your Urine Normal?

Abnormal urine? Stubborn pimples? Smelly privates? The Doctors take on the most embarrassing and unsightly body problems.

Suppressing Gag Reflex

The Doctors discuss the story of a doctor who suggested an inappropriate course of treatment to a female patient to help her learn to suppress her gag reflex. Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross offers tips to curb your gag reflex.

A Hangover Reprieve?
New research shows that the older you are, the less likely you are to experience a hangover after consuming a few alcoholic drinks. Conversely, younger men and women are eight times more likely to suffer a hangover. “That’s just because younger people drink eight times as much!” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork quips.

Dr. Travis advises that in order to avoid a hangover, the best course of action is to drink in moderation.

Pamper Your Privates
The Doctors discuss three new products that aim to keep your private parts clean and comfortable.

Fellas: Looking for a new way to keep your member squeaky clean? Try the Weener Kleener

  Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith explains the benefits of Sit Fresh, an alternative to wet wipes

Dr. Ross discusses the Comfy Breast Pillow, and Travis tries out the comfy pillow for men. 

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze?
Dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby joins The Doctors to discuss the story of a woman with a 25-year-old pimple. Dr. Kirby explains that this type of pimple is called a dilated pore winer — a giant, solitary black head, usually found on older patients. They occur when the combination of bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells form for a period typically longer than 30 days. The only way to properly treat such a condition is with surgical removal to ensure that no additional bacteria enter the infected area. 

See the video of the 25-year-old pimple, and learn more about treating acne. 

Wheel of Wee

Fluids can be a good marker for what's going on in your body. Learn what the color of your urine may indicate about your health.

Mighty Mammaries
Susan, known on stage as Busty Heart, has an unusual profession: She uses her size 34M breasts to break and flatten items. She joins The Doctors to discuss the difficulties of finding a properly fitting bra for her bountiful bosom. And, the co-stars of Lifetime's Double Divas, Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker, join the show to offer their advice to Susan for choosing the right bra

A Prize Penis
The Doctors are joined by Nick, a man who holds a brand-new title that most men would find very embarrassing — he is the recent winner of Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis contest. Dr. Dudley Danoff, urologic surgeon and author of Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health, examines Nick and answers Nick’s questions about his size down there.

"Penis size does not dictate who you are as a man and what you can do," says Nick. 

Find out what Dr. Danoff says could be affecting the length of Nick's penis

Body Noises Explained
The Doctors are joined by Clint Carter, editor of Men’s Health magazine, to reveal the body noises that may signal serious health conditions.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why your nose might be whistling

 What is that ringing in your ears?! The Doctors offer an answer. 








Dr. Travis reminds everyone that nothing is ever too embarrassing for your doctor. So, if something doesn’t feel, look or sound right, get it checked out!

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