TMI Tuesday: The Breast and Booty Episode

From uneven breasts to a tear “back there,” see tips and treatments for embarrassing body issues. Plus, The Doctors’ Stool Squad reveals the full scoop on your poop! And, three new ways to boost your behind … without surgery!

"What the Health?! Butt Rockets!"
The Doctors discuss a dangerous new viral trend: butt rockets. Young men and women are apparently inserting fireworks, from sparklers to rockets, into their rears and lighting them.
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that it only takes two seconds of exposure to 150-degree heat to cause a third degree burn, and an ordinary sparkler can reach up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit!

Learn the dos and don’ts for treating burns.

The Stool Squad
Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld uncover health clues in your stool.

Dr. Rodriguez describes the perfect bowel movement.

Learn the causes of bad bowel movements and how to avoid them.

• Learn what the color of your stool could be indicating about your health.

Breast Kept Secrets
Board-certified surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk and family medicine physician Dr. Rachel Ross lift the veil on your biggest breast issues.

Learn the two most common causes of milky discharge.

When you should see your doctor about breast pain.

Boost Your Booty without Surgery

The Doctors share three new ways to better your behind without going under the knife .

Uneven Breasts
Throughout most of her life, Meagan's chest has been a source of tremendous insecurity and daily hassles. While only 10 percent of women have perfectly symmetric breasts, Meagan’s breasts are not round but tube-shaped, and one is about two cup sizes larger than the other. She says the painful ridicule she endured as a teen led to depression, overeating and weight gain. After giving birth to her third baby, Meagan had gastric sleeve surgery to help her lose the excess weight. Now, 150 pounds lighter, she joins The Doctors to get options to correct her noticeably uneven breasts.

Find out what plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says is the best surgical treatment for Meagan.

A Tear “Back There”
Alan, a brave viewer, joins the show to get a solution for a painful — and embarrassing — problem. Alan has been suffering from pain in his butt cheek for more than a year. Originally diagnosed as hemorrhoids, the pain continued despite treatment and eventually became an open wound. Now, Alan has constant drainage from the area.

Dr. Rodriguez examines Alan. Learn what he believes is the source of Alan’s discomfort, and the possible course of treatment.