Washing Machine Dangers; Counterfeit Condoms; Bizarre in the ER

From the laundry room to the bedroom, The Doctors reveal household items that could be harming your health. Then, why knowing your family’s medical history could save your life! Plus, a high-tech treatment for tendonitis. And, incredibly bizarre — but true — cases of emergency medicine.

What's Lurking in Your Washer?
We use washing machines to clean our clothes, but could they be making them dirty? And even worse, could they be making your family sick?

Find out what kind of washing machine is prone to growing black mold. And, learn who the manufacturers blame for the problem. 

Mold expert Samuel Dixon shares three tips to rid your washing machine of mold. Plus, find out how black mold can harm your health. 

Bizarre in the ER

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not for one 80-year-old woman who went to the emergency room with something very strange lodged in a pretty private place! Plus, what did doctors
find crawling in one man's ear

Which is Worse? The Doctors conducts a poll and asks the audience members to vote for which is worse: holding in your pee vs. using a dirty porta-potty , drunk driving vs. drunk walking and binge drinking vs. daily drinking. Then, The Doctors set the record straight, and the answers may surprise you!  

Counterfeit Condoms?
Authorities in China recently seized 4.6 million fake condoms, many of which had false labels carrying major brand names. The counterfeiters cut corners by using cheaper ingredients and materials, often causing a higher burst rate during sexual activity. 

Learn how to identify counterfeit condoms, and which type of condoms are best to use.

Sleep Apart, Save Your Marriage?
Does your significant other snore, toss and turn or get up a dozen times during the night to use the bathroom? Although there might be something keeping him or her awake, you may be taking a risk by sleeping in the same bed!

What do researchers say are the two things that can improve immediately when you sleep apart from your significant other? 

  Rob snores. Sarah fumes. Sleep specialist Dr. Carol Ash shares five tips to curb Rob's snoring , including one you might never expect! 

Heart Attack at 21? Many people in their 20s take good health for granted, but in one single moment, that preconception can change. Megan, 26, says she had always been fit, ate tons of vegetables and fruits and was the picture of health. But on the day before her college graduation, she woke up feeling excited but a little strange.

At first, Megan says she thought she was feeling anxiety over the impending ceremony, but instinct told her that something wasn't OK. "I wasn't in pain. It felt like a pressure on my chest, like a sack of books was resting there." To both her and her doctors surprise, Megan had suffered a heart attack.

Megan reveals the details behind her heart attack. How long did she wait before heading to the emergency room? 

Learn how high cholesterol affects blood flow. Plus, find out which medication can increase the risk of blood clots. 

New Procedure for "Tennis Elbow" Imagine being in pain every day, even when brushing your teeth, washing dishes or texting a friend. Three years ago, April, 27, began noticing some soreness in her elbow, followed by tenderness and a pinching pain each time she would try to open a door or write something down.

"The pain starts at my right elbow and it radiates in a very sharp, electrical feeling down to my fingertips," April explains. A registered nurse, April says she found it difficult to spike an IV bag or insert the IV line into a patient's arm. It was even hard to start her car to get to work. "I couldn't function," she says.

April shares the details of her tendonitis diagnosis. 

Physiatrist Dr. Tim Davis performs a groundbreaking ultrasound procedure to reduce April's pain. 

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