35 Tips to Fix 8 Body Problems

Shape up for swimsuit season! Find out six foods to flatten your tummy, and get The Doctors’ sleek-stomach smoothie recipe. And, how to boost your backside while watching TV! Plus, turn up the heat with three hot tips from sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross. 

Hanky Panky Headlines

Too Sexy Too Soon?
Would you take your teenage daughter shopping at a lingerie store?

Stay Cool!
A man who struggled to get his wife pregnant invented Snowballs, frozen fertility underwear, to help keep his testicles cool and his sperm healthy.

Belly Busters

Flatten Your Tummy

Readers Digest Editor-In-Chief Liz Vaccariello joins ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to share six foods to flatten your abs

Smooth Move
Learn how the The Doctors’ Sleek-Stomach Smoothie recipe uses healthy fats to help you stay full longer.


Better Backside
The average American spends about eight hours a day sitting. Personal trainer Ashley Borden shows you butt-blasting exercises you can do while sitting in your chair watching TV!

 “Sitting is just so hard on the body. When you sit, it really does shut off the whole body, shuts off your tush and your core,” Ashley says.

Natural Hair Treatments

Animal-Style Hair

Find out the shocking ingredient in one salon's treatment for luscious locks.

Rejuvenate Your Hair
The Broot hair spa owner Samira Asemanfar shows you how to create personalized hair masks in your own kitchen.

The Doctors’ Beauty Lab
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon puts some instant beauty fixes to the test in The Doctors’ Beauty Lab using the Visia Complexion Analysis.

Reduce Wrinkles
Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion claims to hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles in two hours. See Kelly before and after the treatment.

Shrink Pores
GlamGlow Super Mud claims to reduce the size of pores in 10 minutes. See Ainsley before and after the treatment.

Sexual Health

End Hormone Blues
OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson shares three ways to help balance your hormones.

Hot Sex Tips
Sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross offers three tips to help you turn up the heat with your partner.

Overcoming Adversity
Chris slipped and fell on a glass coffee table about five years ago. He dislocated one of the bones in his neck and twisted his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. But Chris didn’t let the injury keep him from his dream of becoming a surgeon. Hear his inspirational story.