Tricks to Overcome a Health Rut

The Doctors reveal 10 out-of-the-box tips to bust through your health rut.

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School’s Out for … Flu Season?
A new U.S. government study suggests closing schools during serious flu epidemics can help keep kids out of emergency rooms.The study looked at two Texas communities during the H1N1 epidemic of 2009, when one school closed for eight days and the other didn’t. The school that closed saw no increase in E.R. visits in children aged 6 to 18; however, the school that stayed open saw their flu-related E.R. visits more than double.

Fun Fitness Tips

Build muscle with books! Dan Wells of Crossfit Horse Power shares his push-up secret.
Ride a bike for balance.

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E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says that while theoretically, if children get flu vaccinations there’s no reason to shut down schools, there are flu strains that we have no immune response to that are not covered by the flu shot.

“I think I would rather be proactive and safe than sorry,” Dr. Travis says.

In the event your child does come down with the flu this season, be aware that many over-the-counter medications are not safe for kids under the age of six. Furthermore, many parents prefer using chest rubs to ease their child’s symptoms; however, some of the ingredients, such as petroleum jelly, may not be safe. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares an all-natural, homemade chest rub to ease your child’s symptoms.

 Get the recipe for Dr. Jimbo’s Chest Rub.

Dr. Sears cautions that chest rubs of any type are not safe for children under the age of two, as it can worsen the child’s airway. He also recommends testing the mixture on a small area before spreading it on your child’s chest. While these are all-natural ingredients, do not ingest, as peppermint oil is not safe to eat.

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Fixes Found in Nature
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and beauty expert Molly Beaucher share natural ways to improve your oral health and balance your skin through the seasons!

Coconut oil mouthwash? Learn how rinsing with this natural elixir can help get rid of plaque and gingivitis. | Can puppy kisses harm your oral health?

Is your skin dry in the winter and oily in the summer? Find out the natural elements to add to your skincare regimen.

Exotic Fruit Pharmacy?
Stuck in a diet rut? Try eating outside the box by shopping for exotic fruits and vegetables you’ve never tried before!

Get a list of the unusual produce featured in this episode.

Quiet a Colicky Baby
Cayla says her infant, Amryn, cries excessivelyand no matter what she and her husband try, it doesn’t seem to help.

“We bounce her, we shush her, we rock her; she’s inconsolable,” Cayla says.

Colic means a baby who cries more than three hours a day, three days a week for three weeks in a row. It affects as many as 25 percent of babies and starts a few weeks after birth, but should improve by three months.

Tips to Reduce Crying

• Beach ball rolls: Drape your baby’s tummy over a large beach ball and gently roll in a circular motion.
• Baby bends to reduce gas: Lay baby face-up on lap with legs toward you, head resting on your knees. Then, pump legs up and down in a bicycling motion.
• Colic curl: Place baby’s head and back against your chest. Encircle your arms under his or her bottom, then curl your arms up.
• A warm bath.
• Magic mirror: Occupy your baby with his or her own reflection.

• Baby-wearing: Carry your baby for several hours a day before he or she gets cranky.

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Toss It Today!
Items under your sink can be stored and forgotten for years and years. See four products that need to be thrown away today.

• Hydrogen peroxide: Once opened, hydrogen peroxide only lasts for six months! Unopened, three years.
• Disposable razors: Toss your razors after three shaves, as bacteria can develop and get into your blood stream through nicks and cuts.
• Loofah: Since loofahs are perpetually damp, they can grow a great deal of bacteria. Be sure to toss your loofah every three to four weeks.
• Rubbing alcohol: Once open, rubbing alcohol only lasts two years, three if unopened.