Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Step into the The Doctors' spa with celebrity beauty expert Kym Douglas, and learn how to get your skin red carpet ready at home!

Cynthia, 53, asks The Doctors what anti-aging products are most effective in combating wrinkles. Kym demonstrates how the DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, a home microdermabrasion device, can help erase fine lines and restore a youthful glow.

Kym also shares a glue and peach facial recipe, her go-to treatment to remove blackheads and give skin a radiant and polished look.


• Get more fabulous beauty tips from Kym!
• Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon's red carpet secrets.

Red Carpet Makeover
Lisette is a dedicated viewer who never misses an episode of The Doctors. She says that while she enjoys watching the picture-perfect women on the screen, her last few years of financial hardship, hormonal problems and hair loss have been anything but glamorous. Access Hollywood correspondent and author of The Everygirl's Guide to Life, Maria Menounos, helps Lisette regain her confidence with a full makeover and hair treatment.

"I saw a huge change in my hair that used to be long and thick, and now it's getting thinner every day," Lisette says.


See Lisette's red carpet makeover and new, fabulous hair!

Maria shares her secrets for getting red carpet ready on a dime, including an at-home tzatziki facial!

Red Carpet Beauty Secrets
Find out how to get a red-carpet look without breaking the bank!

Red Velvet Facial


Get the recipe!

Red Beet Lip Stain


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Red Light Therapy