Vicki Lawrence; Mystery Food Challenge; 200-Pound Weight Loss

Actress Vicki Lawrence — best known as the sassy, southern “Mama Harper” from the sitcom Mama’s Family — shows why laughter truly can be the best medicine! Hear her sarcastic take on Hollywood health headlines! Plus, “Mama” and The Doctors brave the unknown in a mystery food challenge! Then, one woman’s amazing transformation: See how an unbreakable spirit and steadfast determination helped her lose more than 200 pounds — while battling a crippling muscular disorder!

What Would Mama Do?

Laughter is the best medicine! Actress Vicki Lawrence may be best known for playing the feisty Thelma “Mama” Harper on the sitcom Mama’s Family, but when Mama herself joins The Doctors, she offers her unique brand of hilarious health advice relating to young Hollywood, bizarre health foods and more.

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Mom Defies Diagnosis
When Veronica, 47, gave birth to her daughter, Justice, 25 years ago, she says she was given a bad epidural which led her to contract dystonia — a debilitating and painful disease of the muscles. Over the ensuing years, she was hospitalized multiple times, often bedridden, and her weight soared to 397 pounds.

Spurred by Justice's wedding, Veronica decided to lose the weight. She went to the gym almost every day for two years and is now a svelte 150 pounds.

Veronica shares a rare glimpse into the world of a debilitating and little-known disorder

Learn what still embarrasses Veronica, and listen to her inspiring message

World's Largest Afro

A recent study found a link between hair relaxers and a higher incidence of fibroid tumors — the leading cause of hysterectomies in the United States.

What two things can you do to minimize your relaxer risk? And, why did one woman decide to go "all natural?"

Fake Baby Hair?
Most babies share similar features — sweet eyes, plump cheeks and bald heads — making it hard to determine if the little one is a boy or a girl.

So some moms, tired of declaring their baby’s gender, have found a surprising solution with Baby Bangs, the pint-sized hairpieces for girls who could be mistaken for boys.

Which of The Doctors thinks this controversial new product is cute, and which one thinks it’s creepy?


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