Surprising Health News from around the World!

In the Season 6 premiere of The Doctors, see the most surprising and strange health news from around the world. In a The Doctors daytime exclusive, meet a husband and wife who were simultaneously struck by lightning … while she was pregnant! Hear their incredible survival story. Then, how body weight is determining rent in Japan. Plus, a radical procedure to combat bone cancer that you have to see to believe!

Parenting Predicaments
From baby delivery to child discipline, The Doctors discuss two topics that went viral online.

Kids do the darndest things! See a hilarious home video that addresses the question of whether parents should correct or cackle!

See Germany's largest natural birth — a baby girl who weighed 13.47 pounds! Plus, learn the health risks of bigger babies.

An Unexpected Treat

Pregnant Couple
Struck by Lightning

Meet a husband and wife who were simultaneously struck by lightning … while she was pregnant! Hear their incredible survival story, and see how their baby is doing today.

See a soothing solution for your sweet tooth that will take you back ... way back! Lollyphile, a candy company in Austin, Texas that specializes in unique lollipop selections, recently released its latest flavor — breast milk!

"High-Flying" Testicular Cancer Campaign
The United Kingdom's Male Cancer Awareness campaign is taking testicular cancer awareness to new heights — literally! Working with Irish actor Chris O'Dowd, the organization hopes to raise money, not to mention eyebrows, to construct a big, "ballsy" hot air balloon to float over London.

"Why, I hear you ask, are we going through all this trouble? Well, it's a hot air balloon in the shape of a giant scrotum. What other reason do you need?" O'Dowd says in the campaign's promotional video.

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Controversial Weight Loss Incentive
The less you weigh, the less you pay? The Doctors polled their Facebook fans to get their thoughts on a controversial new motivation for shedding pounds that's being utilized in a communal residential facility in Osaka, Japan. See the poll results in the video below!

The Doctors weigh in on the contentious new weight loss concept.

See how many push-ups pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears can do when cash is on the line!

Radical Procedure to Cure Bone Cancer

In 2011, then 10-year-old Bailey underwent a medical examination after experiencing a prolonged period of unexplained knee pain. An X-ray revealed that Bailey had a femoral bone tumor.

"The doctor came in and gave us news that no parent ever wants or imagines hearing," Bailey's mother Tiffany says. "She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. Our biggest fear after hearing the diagnosis was that she would die."

Bailey was given three options for treating her cancer: replacing her knee and femur, amputating her leg, or undergoing rotationplasty — a complex procedure that involves amputating the cancerous portion of the leg and reattaching the foot backwards to the thigh, so the ankle can serve as the new knee joint.

"I knew, right when I heard, [that] I wanted rotationplasty," Bailey says.

See how rotationplasty gave Bailey a second chance at life.