Drs’ Exclusives: Gender-Creative Child & YouTube Weight Loss Sensation

The Doctors shares two dramatic daytime exclusives: First, a married couple discusses the joys and hardships of parenting their gender-creative child. Then, meet the YouTube sensation who lost more than 175 pounds in just three years! Could his weight loss methods work for you?

Raising a Gender-Creative Child

Most parents wouldn’t think twice if their little girl was fascinated with dolls, dresses and pink nail polish — but what if these requests were coming from their 3-year-old boy? Such was the case for parents Lori and Matt Duron, whose second-born son, 6-year-old C.J., is interested in things typically associated with the opposite sex and has been for more than three years. Lori and Matt grappled with how to handle their son’s behavior and ultimately, decided to support him in his gender nonconformity.

“He knows he’s a boy who only likes girls’ things and wants to be treated like a girl,” Lori explains.

In a The Doctors’ daytime exclusive, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears sits down with Lori and Matt to hear their perspective on their unique family.

The Power of Willpower
Twenty-four-year old Jon Calvo says that he struggled with being overweight throughout his entire childhood and teenage years. Then, in April 2010, when he was just 21 years old, Jon weighed more than ever before: 340 pounds.

“I tried losing weight dozens of times since I was 7 years old, but each time ended in failure. No matter what, though, this time I wasn’t going to quit,” Jon says. “That boy who quit time and time again grew up to become the man who never gave up, because I don’t just have willpower — I am willpower!”

Jon committed himself to lose weight and documented his progress on YouTube. After three years, 6 million online views and 175 pounds lost, Jon joins The Doctors to show his amazing transformation.

Meet Jon, the YouTube sensation known as “The Man Who Never Gave Up.” See what methods worked to help him lose weight.

Jon shows his remarkable strength by demonstrating a dynamic form of exercise that works multiple muscles for an optimal effect.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon consults with Jon about how he can remove excess skin after his dramatic weight loss.

“My motivation was fulfillment,” Jon says. “Fulfillment can be defined as the satisfaction or happiness attained from realizing your full potential. When people try to achieve their dreams, they’re seeking fulfillment, seeking that happiness, becoming who they know they can be.”

The Doctors and USA Weekend

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Read Jon's personal weight loss methodology.

Surprising Habits that Age Your Skin
Unprotected sun exposure, smoking and poor dietary choices are known factors that can cause premature aging of skin. But, there are other lesser-known habits that can have a negative impact on skin’s elasticity and youth.

The Doctors reveal three surprising things that can make you look older faster!