TMI Tuesday: Private Parts Edition!

From leaky lady parts to a 132-pound scrotum, The Doctors take on the most taboo topics about your private parts!

Does Size Really Matter?
Is bigger really better, or is petite neat? The Doctors discuss America’s obsession with private part size. A recent international study showed that the average size of the male penis is 5.6 inches long when erect; however, many men still worry how they measure up. The obsession with size has extended to social media, where apps that allow you to preview a larger breast size or predict a suitor’s penis size are becoming increasingly popular.

A new app called “The Predictor” claims to be able to predict a man’s penis size based on personal stats such as height, shoe size and age. The app cross-references the information submitted with trends from scientific studies to make its prediction. Whether or not the prediction proves accurate, it could surely be app-licable to your next date!

Top Female Concerns
Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman and family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross tackle women’s most embarrassing concerns.

Dr. Berman explains the five most common causes of vaginal discharge.

Learn about two types of Strep bacteria and how they affect your health.

Dr. Ross explains the origins of green nipple discharge and how to treat it.

Men’s Most Troubling Problems
Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins the show to explain the causes of some of men’s biggest problems.

Dr. Spitz explains when to be concerned about pain during sex after a vasectomy.

Dr. Spitz responds to a question about a burning sensation "down there."

Can excessive self-pleasuring increase your risk of prostate cancer?

Viagra for Expectant Moms?

Dr. Berman discusses an ongoing study about the effects of Viagra on fetal growth.

The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum
For five years, Wesley Warren suffered with an ever-growing scrotum, which eventually reached more than 132 pounds, following an injury to the area.

Antibiotics were unable to reduce the swelling of the tissue surrounding Wesley’s testicles, and he sought desperately for a surgeon who could remove the excess tissue without damaging his penis and testicles. Wesley then met surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman, who offered to help.

Learn more about Wesley’s condition and how Dr. Gelman changed his life. 

Urinary Dilemmas
Dr. Spitz tackles your most frustrating urinary problems.

 Does your man have trouble hitting the mark? Dr. Spitz illustrates the possible causes of messy urination.

 Dr. Spitz reveals why some men may experience difficulty urinating after sex. "It's God's way of telling you to cuddle."

Your Biggest “Behind” Issues
Learn why you shouldn’t hold in your stool. Plus, could your butt be the cause of your back pain?

 ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why holding in your stool can have disastrous — and embarrassing — repercussions.

 Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon describes how a large behind could cause back pain and offers tips to alleviate the problem.