The Doctors Unplugged!

Blindfolded bungee jumping? Anti-aging treatments "down there"? Expect the unexpected in a special, unscripted episode! Plus, The Doctors monkey around with one of Hollywood's hottest animal stars. And, it's the list you can't miss: Find out the top five ways to naturally increase your sex drive!

Monkey Business
Every doctor needs a good medical assistant, and The Doctors meet one of the best! She played hotshot Dr. Rizzo on NBC's Animal Practice and stole scenes in The Hangover Part II as a drug-dealing gangster.

With more than 20 films and television series under her belt, Crystal — the Capuchin monkey — joins The Doctors to lend a paw during the unplugged episode!

"I feel honored that you would come hang out with us!" E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says, giving Crystal a high-five.

Doctors Challenge: Genital Rejuvenation?!
From chemical peels to laser surgery, everyone is looking for a procedure that leads to The Fountain of Youth. But it's not just women who are going to extremes to look young. Men are getting manicures, pedicures and manscaping "down there," too. The latest Hollywood trend? Male genital rejuvenation!

Rumor has it that George Clooney has had a scrotum rejuvenation, and now, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees to try the talked-about treatment that promises to give his scrotum a more youthful look!

Meet Nurse Jamie , who reassures The Doctors that this is a real procedure!

Find out how Dr. Ordon feels now! Plus, learn how a scrotum rejuenation works — step by step.

Doctors Challenge: Blindfolded Bungee Jumping?!
When you're scared of the unknown, your biological warning system sounds off — your adrenaline kicks in and fear takes over. Is one of The Doctors willing to face his biggest fear and  jump headlong into what he dreads the most?

Ask Our Doctors!
The Doctors answer viewers' most pressing — and personal — health questions.

Camp Gyno!
Take a trip to Camp Gyno, and learn about the issues tween girls face!

Learn the causes of toxic shock syndrome
. Plus, should
your child get the HPV vaccine?

What's Inside the Docs' Bags?

Rope Burn
Find out the most common mistake people make when cleaning a rope burn injury . Plus, learn how to prevent a burn from becoming a serious infection. 

Rotten Fruit?
Is it safe to eat brown bananas? Find out why fruit turns brown and why you shouldn't throw it away when it does!


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OAD 1/7/14