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Strange smells in unexpected places? Facials that are nowhere near your face? No subject is off limits as The Doctors reveal surprising solutions to your most outrageous questions.

Bliss Happens
Health and beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens, shares her secrets for experiencing total bliss, anywhere at anytime!

Bliss Happens was published by Bird Street Books, The Doctors’ Executive Producer Jay McGraw’s publishing company, and some of the show producers assisted in the research of its content.

From Kym’s point of view, “BLISS” is defined as Beauty, Living, Inexpensive, Simplicity, Solutions. The book provides a simple, six-week plan with a step-by-step daily guide that can help you achieve a happier and healthier life. It also features a quiz to determine your current “bliss factor” and helps you increase that number by at least 10 points by the end of the six-week period.

“Bliss happens, and you can make it happen and you can draw it to you,” Kym says. “You can do it by the colors you wear, by the foods you eat, by the thoughts you think and by the affirmations that you make.”

Add bliss to your daily routine with these tips! From revitalizing your locks and organizing your wardrobe to improving your commute, decreasing stress and boosting beauty sleep, see some of Kym’s blissfully simple solutions.

Desk Derriere?
Research conducted by Tel Aviv University showed that people who lead sedentary lifestyles developed thick layers of fat deep inside muscle tissue of the buttocks. The study’s participants had their buttocks scanned, which showed shrinkage and breakdown of muscle tissue and a buildup of fat from inactivity.

“Fat cells that you have down there, by the pressure effect, will get bigger, elongate and will collect extra fat,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains.

Women are more prone to store fat on their bottom due to an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which dictates where fat settles in the body. If you tend to sit for a large portion of the day, whether at work or at home, The Doctors recommend getting up frequently to exercise muscles of the gluteus by walking or performing squats.

Fanny Facial
Donna says her husband Jamie has lost a lot of weight, but there’s a certain area that’s falling behind the rest of his physique... his behind! “I just want it to sparkle a little bit,” Donna says.

“You can’t forget about the tush!” Kym says. “It’s really important to pamper the skin on your butt!”

Watch as Kym instructs Donna on how to perform a food-based fanny facial on Jamie to beautify his butt! | Get the recipe!

Lychee Lightening Facial
Do age spots give away your age? Kym demonstrates how to make a vitamin C and copper-packed facial that will protect skin from sun damage, free radicals and lighten age spots over time. | Get the recipe!

Kym’s “Kym” Brulee
Looking for a guilt-free indulgence? Kym shows you how to make a healthier version of a delectable French dessert at home!

Get the recipe!

Kym’s Bliss Caddy
From making housework fun to a refreshing morning beverage and more, see what other blissful tricks Kym has up her sleeve!
Get the recipe to Kym’s Rise ‘N Shine Minty Lime Drink!

Kym’s Bliss-tini
See a healthier way to wind down after a long and tiring day with Kym’s Pineapple Mint Bliss-tini!

Get the recipe!

The Price of Popularity
A new study published in Journal of Adolescent Health found that popular high school students were more likely to engage in harmful activities, such as smoking, drinking, sex and drugs. Could your teen be at risk?

The Doctors and Kym, who has a teenage son, weigh in on the disturbing and worrisome findings. Plus, hear The Doctors recount their own experiences with peer pressure during their high school years.

“We find that teenagers tend to drink and try drugs and smoke not because they have emotional problems,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. “It’s really just because they want to fit in and be cool.”

“I find it so interesting that it’s the popular [students] because I would’ve thought that it might be more of the quieter, wallflower ones that are depressed, so they turn to drugs and alcohol,” Kym says.

“If a high school [student] between 9th and 10th grade starts to smoke, pretty soon they’re going to have friends that start to smoke, and then suddenly their peer group is smoking,” Dr. Sears adds. “That’s a bad combination because that’s the recipe for a lifelong smoker.”

Kym explains how her son became interested in sports at a young age. “I do think that if you find a passion for your child, [then] that can gear them a little more away,” Kym adds. “[But] they’re still going to come to that fork in the road."

What’s that Smell?
“Most of the bad smells you get coming off your body [are] due to one thing – bacteria,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

See what certain foot scents, such as rotten eggs, stinky cheese and ammonia can indicate.

Unpleasantly pungent smells, such as sour grapes and rancid meat, can also waft from a cut or wound.
Learn why.

Learn how a buildup of bacteria can produce a smelly scalp. Plus, Kym shows a home remedy for combating bad breath.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column!

Latest: Varicose Veins.
• Check out USA Weekend for more information.

See which local newspapers feature USA Weekend.

Why Doctors Perform Cough Tests
Ever wonder why your doctor says, “Turn your head and cough” during a routine physical exam?

“When you’re coughing, you’re increasing your intra abdominal pressure,” Dr. Travis says. “Your doctor is looking for an inguinal hernia.”

Dr. Travis explains how the spermatic cord and testicles descend through the inguinal canal and into the scrotum of a male fetus. In some cases, however, the inguinal ring, or entrance into the inguinal canal, does not close after birth. This condition can cause a weakness in the abdominal wall, which can result in an inguinal hernia.

An inguinal hernia occurs when soft tissue, such as fat or part of the small intestine, protrudes through a weak spot or tear in the lower abdominal wall. Inguinal hernias are more common in men, but can also affect women, usually as a result of pregnancy or family history. In addition, premature infants are also at higher risk for developing an inguinal hernia due to less time for the inguinal canal to close while in utero.

Mucus in Stool?
An anonymous viewer asks:
What does it mean if I sometimes have a jellylike, mucus substance in my stool?

“Your intestines are lined with a mucus-like substance,” Dr. Travis explains. “So, just a little bit, if you notice it, not to worry; however, if you’re noticing a lot of mucus, that’s not really normal. It could be a sign of either an infection or something more serious like inflammatory bowel disease.”

Dr. Sears adds that if parents ever see a red, jelly-like substance in their baby’s stool, it can be a medical emergency and they should call the doctor immediately.

More Blissful Tips

See how to make your bathroom more blissful.

• Get the recipe to Kym's Effervescent Nail- Whitening Treatment!

Sciatic Heel Pain
“In my profession, I’m constantly wearing heels,” audience member Cher says. “Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of foot pain, specifically in my heel, and it radiates up the back of my leg and throughout my leg, at times.”

Dr. Travis explains how the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and can tie together pains from the feet, legs, hips, buttocks and lower back.

“At every level of your spinal column, you have what are called nerve roots, and in your lower back, these nerve roots combine to form the sciatic nerve,” Dr. Travis says. “If one of these nerve roots is impinged, say with a slipped disc or a herniated disc, it’s going to create a lot of pain, maybe not where it’s occurring but where that nerve root goes.

“You can actually experience pain all the way down your leg and even feel some numbness because of what’s going on in your lower back, because that’s where the nerve starts.”

Dr. Travis demonstrates a simple stretch that can help alleviate heel pain.

How wearing high heels can cause foot pain.

"Bliss Happens" is published by The Doctors' Executive Producer Jay McGraw through his publishing company, Bird Street Books, and distributed by Jay McGraw's online bookstore,

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