Leave It On or Take It Off?

Your Body Bump: When to Leave It On or Take It Off
Moles, nodules, cysts – chances are you have one, but should you be concerned? The Doctors explain when suspicious spots should be removed.

Bumps “Down There”

When to Remove a Mole

A Permanent Pimple?

Dr. Travis: Should He Leave It On or Take It Off?
We all know sweating is natural and healthy, but E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork puts the bodily function to the ultimate test at The Shape House, an urban sweat lodge.

See how Dr. Travis survives nearly an hour in a 158 degree pod! Plus, watch him cool off.

Spice It Up
Food toppings can improve the flavor of a meal, but can stack up on unwanted sugar, calories and fat! See how spices can maximize the taste and nutrition of two popular foods.

Sprinkle Cinnamon on Your Oatmeal Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears performs a taste test to prove that a healthful sprinkle of cinnamon contributes to a tasty breakfast.

Spice Up Your Broccoli 
Whether it’s wasabi or hot mustard, adding heat to your broccoli has been shown to double its cancer-fighting properties.


CPR Controversy
A recent incident in Bakersfield, California, shocked the nation when a nurse called 911 after finding an elderly retirement home resident collapsed on the floor – but refused to perform CPR. The Doctors weigh in.

Are We Obligated to Perform CPR?
Should we perform CPR to save someone’s life under any circumstance?

The Incident
Battalion Chief of the Bakersfield Fire Department Anthony Galagaza describes the incident.

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