Health Secrets Your Personal Photos Reveal!

A picture is worth a thousand words … and could save your life! The Doctors share when your personal photos, videos and voicemails could reveal an ongoing health problem.

Viral and Vile Videos

The Doctors weigh in on the most viral and vile  videos out there.

• Meet Horse, a man whose self-proclaimed talent is taking blows to the groin. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performs a testicular ultrasound to determine any possible damage to Horse’s fertility.
• Anus tattoos are growing in popularity. Learn the risks associated with altering this sensitive area.
• Serge, a skateboarder who was hit by a truck, joins The Doctors to talk about his miraculous survival story. Plus, his surprising view on wearing a helmet.

• Have you heard of the game Chubby Bunny? Find out when this seemingly silly challenge can turn life-threatening.      

What’s Wrong with this Picture?
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork challenges two audience members to point out people’s health issues in a succession of photographs. Can they find the right clues?

• Find out why one audience member is concerned about her snapshot.
• See what Elizabeth is unhappy with in her pictures. And, how plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon can help!

Voicing Concern
Otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks explains when the sound of your voice may signal laryngitis, vocal cord polyps or vocal cord paralysis.

Severe hoarseness and difficulty speaking and swallowing can be symptoms of vocal cord paralysis. Dr. Weeks performs a laryngoscopy on Ali, who suffered from vocal cord paralysis after a faulty surgery, to explain how the vocal cords are examined.

Shelby’s New Nose
Shelby, 17, says she’s been teased since middle school about her nose. After some serious thinking with her mother, Shelby reached out to The Doctors for a solution.

“I’m very self-conscious of my nose in public because I feel like it’s the one thing everybody sees,” Shelby says. “I know that I’m a good person, but the way I look, I just don’t have any self-confidence.”

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner performs Shelby’s rhinoplasty.

“When someone’s self-esteem is so low because their peers are making fun of them, I really hate seeing that,” Dr. Brenner says. “What we're doing for Shelby today is going to boost her self-esteem.”

Handwriting and Your Health
Handwriting expert Beth Chrisman joins The Doctors to reveal what your handwriting may say about your health.

“If you have beautiful handwriting that you learned in third grade and your letters start becoming lackadaisical, it could mean something is wrong,” Beth says.

Beth explains the science behind graphology.

Below are two examples of how handwriting can signal Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; however, while handwriting can clue you in to possible health problems, it should never be the only method of diagnosis.

This type of handwriting may signal Alzheimer's.

This penmanship could be a sign of Parkinson's.

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OAD 9/24/12