Managing Menopause

More About Menopause

 Dr. Braverman reveals  diet and nutritional supplements that  minimize the symptoms of menopause.

Foods that Fight Menopause

Do you find yourself forgetting things? The car keys? Someone’s name? Are they minor so-called senior moments or indicators of something more serious?

Anti-aging specialist Dr. Eric Braverman explains, “When women reach menopause, they get a domino effect from a dying ovary. And that domino effect snowballs into their memory, their weight, their attention and the stability of their mood.”

He says that the ovaries start out as the size of a peanut in childhood, then grow to the size of a walnut after puberty, then shrink back down to the size of a peanut during and after menopause, no longer delivering vital estrogen and progesterone. “It affects your entire body,” Dr. Braverman says.

He adds that no matter how much they exercise, women’s muscles will turn fatty, like a marbled steak, and their brains will fill up with water. “By the age of 52,” the doctor continues, “the average woman will lose 20 points on her IQ.”

However, Dr. Braverman asserts that “women do not have to age like this.” He advocates that women exercise and change their diet radically. An aggressive intake of teas, herbs, spices, vitamins and anti-inflammatory foods will keep their minds sharp, their hormones functioning properly and their bodies slim and trim.

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Many women fear menopause, the cessation of the menstrual cycle when the ovaries decrease production of the hormone estrogen. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains how to be prepared make it the best time of your life!

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