The Naked Truth about Your Health

From why women fake “the big O” to the pros and cons of "down there" trends and much more, The Doctors reveal the naked truth about your health!

Staying Healthy "Down There"

Going Bare:
See the health benefits and health hazards caused by grooming the pubic region. | More on the latest "down there" styles.

Sleeping in the Buff:
The Doctors discuss the pros and cons of sleeping naked.

Couples Self-Exams:
Learn what to look for when assisting your partner with a medical self-exam.

Benefits of "Naked" Floors
From carpet flooring alternatives to cleaning out air ducts and more, Eric Stromer, host of A&E’s Hideous Houses, provides tips on how to prevent a buildup of allergens and improve the air quality in your home. Certain vacuum and/or steam cleaners with HEPA filtration systems also greatly reduce allergens and pet dander that accumulate in carpet fibers.

* The Hoover giveaway has expired.

Naked Dangers

Hear one man’s shocking and scary story about how his tempered glass shower door suddenly exploded while he was showering.

Learn safety tips on what to do if a glass shower door shatters.

The Topless Activist
Moira Johnston, 29, has been taking New York City by storm. Known as a topless activist, she doesn’t think anyone should be offended by women baring their breasts in public. Moira joins The Doctors to discuss the inspiration for and meaning behind her bold activism.

Bare Feet Spa
For years, Laura has been self-conscious about unsightly hair on her toes. “I never let my feet go naked… ever! I don’t even own a pair of open-toed shoes,” she says. “Basically, if I shave my toes in the morning, I have a five-o-clock shadow by the end of the day.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon joins Laura in the The Doctors' Bare Feet Spa to show her alternative solutions for her foot problem.

See how the Silk’n Flash & Go, a new at-home device that uses pulse light laser technology, can permanently remove unwanted body hair. Plus, esthetician Jill from Stark Waxing Studio demonstrates how to wax away hairy toes.

* The Silk'n discount has expired.

The Naked Truth about Menopause
As more post-menopausal women embrace the freedom from painful periods and the risk of pregnancy, health officials are seeing an alarming surge in STDs in this age group.

“Even though menopause means you can’t get pregnant, you can still get sexually transmitted infections,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson warns. “A woman should celebrate and empower herself at every stage of her life, whether it’s being a girl, having her first period, having a baby [or] going into menopause, but have safe sex.”

“Big O” or “Big Faux?”
How good is your sex life, and how can you really be sure? Both men and women admit to faking during certain between-the-sheets sessions.

“It’s not necessarily about [having] an orgasm every time,” Dr. Lisa says. “It is about enjoying the experience and enjoying being with each other and being intimate.”

The Doctors enlisted Kellie and Jamal to perform an experiment – the engaged couple agreed to have sex on three consecutive nights, and Kellie would decide to “make it or fake it” in the bedroom. See if Jamal knows the naked truth about which were the “real deal.”

The Mental Draw of “Food Porn”
Has an image of food, whether in a magazine or on a menu, ever caused you to mentally salivate? “What happens when you’re looking at all this food [is] your brain’s pleasure and reward centers are activated with dopamine,” explains ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. “You’re getting so excited about the possibility of all that sugary and greasy goodness, and [those feelings] are called supernormal stimuli.

“What you need to do [is] pick some better food porn, some cleaner food porn,” Dr. Travis adds.