Dr. Travis’ Secrets to a Better Body

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork is joined by The Doctors’ Better Body Panel: Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes, certified trainers and fitness experts Ashley Borden and Jessie Pavelka, and certified nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis, to reveal tips and tricks to better your body.

Cold-Pressed Juice vs. Regular Juice
Juicing is a growing health trend across the country – but what’s the difference between traditionally pressed juice and cold-pressed juice? For one, cold-pressing uses 10,000 pounds of pressure to extract juice from fruits and veggies, which is thought to maximize nutrients. Hayden Slater, co-founder of Pressed Juicery joins The Doctors' Better Body Panel to explain further.

Is Cold-Pressed Healthier?

Dr. Travis Tries a Cold-Press Juicer


Rotator Cuff Injury: Rehab or Surgery?
Jon, 36, is an avid athlete and martial arts actor who suffered a torn rotator cuff years ago, and still experiences painful flare-ups today. The rotator cuff is made up of the muscles and tendons in your shoulder, which connect the upper arm bone with the shoulder blade. Rotator cuff injuries can be any type of irritation or damage to the muscles and tendons and half the time, will heal with self-care measures and exercise therapy. Jon’s physicians recommended conflicting solutions: Rehab or orthopedic surgery, and he reaches out to The Doctors to find out which route to take to best heal his injury. Dr. Adickes explains rotator cuff injuries, and what Jon can expect from both treatments.

Workouts for Every Age
As we grow older, our bodies change and so do our fitness needs. Are your workouts right for your age?

30s: Escape Your Cardio Rut

40s: Add Weight to Your Walks

50s: Protect Your Joints

Allergy Defense
Former running back and future football Hall-of-Famer Jerome Bettis found out the hard way that he was allergic to shellfish. At 14 years old, after eating shrimp fried rice, Jerome went into anaphylactic shock and was taken to the hospital. Jerome discusses the importance of defending yourself against sudden allergies by using an epinephrine injector.

Workout-induced anaphylaxis. Are you at risk?

Food Attitude
What you eat is just as important as how often you work out. Dr. Melina reveals the foods you need to fuel your body, and foods that may not be as healthy as you think.

Breakfast and Snacks

Workout Boosters


• The importance of staying hydrated during workouts.
Inappropriate personal trainers?        

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