Surprising Reasons for Your Bad Odor & Bad Pain!

The Doctors and gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez get down and dirty to discuss surprising reasons for malodorous body issues. Plus, a cancer diagnosis sparked one woman to create a specialized diet to reduce body inflammation and pain. Hear her inspiring story.

The Science of Stink
Learn how bacteria on the body, combined with various gland secretions, create an unpleasant odor.

Smelly Hot Spots
Take a head-to-toe tour of the body, and learn which parts are typically odiferous.
What is the smelliest body part?

Pungent Pee
Can low-carb diets cause strong-smelling urine? The Doctors and Dr. Rodriguez explain how a metabolic process called ketosis can occur in the body, and produce a tangy odor in urine and breath.

Period-Induced Armpit Odor
Did you know that menstruating can increase underarm odor for certain women? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains why.

Forever "Fishy?"
Soap and water is usually the most effective way to wash away a rank odor, but what if the scent of fish, trash or even feces was constantly wafting off your body? Learn about Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a rare metabolic disorder in which a digestive enzyme deficiency prohibits the body from breaking down metabolites in food, resulting in a chronic stench.

“Basically, amino acids that you’re supposed to break down, they can stink a lot. Protein can stink,” Dr. Rodriguez explains. “So, these amino acids stay in [the body of people with TMAU] and [the smell] comes out of their pores. It comes out of their urine, and there isn’t much that you can do.”

Nail Polish Remover Breath?

Did you know that breath can sometimes smell like acetone? Learn what causes this intense aroma, and why it could signal a serious medical condition.

The Cause of Bad Breath
Are you constantly chewing gum to hide halitosis? Such is the case for Mickey, a self-proclaimed sugar-free “gum addict,” who tends to have frequent bad breath, despite brushing and flossing regularly.

“At the end of the day, chewing gum is only going to be masking a problem,” says dentist Dr. Miguel Stanley. “The source of these odors are bacteria, and chewing gum is not going to kill the bacteria.”

Dr. Stanley explains that artificial sweeteners in sugar-free gum can lead to bloating and excess gas, since the body is unable to digest them. This can lead to bacterial buildup in the body and cause bad breath. He adds that the bacteria that typically causes halitosis resides in the back portion of the tongue. Bacteria can also thrive in the pockets between the teeth and gums, which is why regular cleanings by an oral hygienist are crucial to thoroughly remove plaque buildup that can trap bacteria in the mouth.

Tana Amen’s Food-Based Therapy

Registered nurse, health advocate and best-selling author of The Omni Diet Tana Amen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her 20s. After suffering from severe digestive issues and recurrent infections during her adolescence, Tana’s cancer diagnosis was the culmination of a lifetime of health problems. “I felt overwhelmed and totally alone,” she says.

Despite undergoing multiple surgeries and treatments, the aggressive cancer returned three times. Tana’s doctors credited her condition to being “dealt a bad genetic hand,” and the various medications that were prescribed were not effective in reducing the chronic pain and fatigue associated with her cancer therapy. Tana was told that she would likely have to resign herself to lifelong fragile health and permanent prescription medications.

“I was taking medication to deal with the side effects of medication,” she says. “I realized nobody was going to take my health as seriously as I did.” Tana decided to take matters into her own hands, so she created The Omni Diet.

“I came up with The Omni Diet out of desperation. This diet changed my life, because I learned how to use food to heal my body from the inside out.”

Now in her mid-40s and cancer-free, Tana feels healthier and more energized than ever. “Your body is like a chemistry lab,” Tana says. “Everything you put on the end of your fork matters.”

• Learn dietary tips from The Omni Diet that may help treat body pain and improve overall health.

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