Embarrassing Situations You Don’t Want to Be in

It’s TMI Tuesday! The Doctors answer viewers’ most embarrassing, awkward and uncomfortable health questions. Hear three health confessions that are so mortifying, these guests asked to conceal their identities. Then, some schools are teaching sex ed to kindergartners. Are they too young? Plus, tips to avoid embarrassing denture dilemmas and more!

Foot Prostitution?
It’s no secret that feet can be an erogenous zone, but for some women, their feet are also their livelihood. A recent exposé in the New York Post uncovered intimate details about the business of “foot prostitution.”

Learn the criteria that women’s feet need to meet and how certain clients reportedly pay top dollar for private services.

Audience member Eric is a self-proclaimed “foot connoisseur” who doesn't tiptoe around his honest opinion. Hear his philosophy on foot aesthetics, and learn the potential hazards of foot fetishes.

Sex Ed in Kindergarten
Would you allow your 5-year-old child to take a class on sex? Believe it or not, the Chicago Public School System recently passed a new policy that requires kindergarten teachers to spend a set amount of time covering the basics of sexual education and awareness. This curriculum includes basic anatomy and physiology, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety.

Dr. Stephanie Whyte, Chief Health Officer for Chicago Public Schools, joins the show via video to provide details on the new sex ed curriculum.

“What’s really important to remember here is that the school district, as the lead educational authority, is still in partnership with the parents on educating and empowering their students,” Dr. Whyte explains. “So, by all means, parents are going to be informed about what the approved lessons are. They’ll have that notice beforehand. They’ll get to review them. As well, they have the opportunity to opt out, should they decide that’s not the route they want to go.”

“Even if parents opt out, use those pamphlets as a foundation to know what to talk to your kids about,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears adds.

Tips for having "the talk" with your kids.

Secret Silhouette Confessionals
The Docs address embarrassing body questions from guests who wish to keep their identities concealed.

Female Sexual Secretions
Gabrielle is embarrassed by a “strange liquid” that she emits during orgasm. Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains how different parts of the female anatomy can secrete fluid during sexual stimulation.

Age-Revealing Sun Spots
Sue is self-conscious about sun spots on her arms and hands, which she says make her look older than her actual age. Dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu performs a laser treatment to reduce the appearance of her skin discoloration.

Colostomy Bag Concerns 
Tom was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis, an inflammatory gastrointestinal disorder, and has concerns that his condition may eventually require surgery or even a colostomy bag. Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez provides consultation.

Dealing with Dentures

Debra has been wearing dentures for almost a year but still has issues adjusting to them. Dr. Miguel Stanley, D.D.S. explains the two types of removable dentures and how titanium implants can keep them from shifting.

Dr. Stanley's flossing tips and tricks

Double Trouble

Have you ever been so sick that you had the urge to vomit and defecate simultaneously? The Doctors discuss what can cause this extremely uncomfortable situation and what to do if you’re suddenly struck with this predicament. Plus, learn the most effective ways to rehydrate the body after a bout of stomach-churning sickness.

Surprising Cause of Acne
What pocket-sized item could be causing your skin to break out? Find out!