Fast Health Fixes

Eye on HIV

Fifty thousand Americans are infected with HIV every year, and 20 percent of them are women. Learn life-saving facts about the disease, and why you should get tested as soon as possible. Plus, see how to use an at-home HIV test kit.

The “Kate Middleton Nose Job"?
Word on the streets of Beverly Hills is that the most requested plastic surgery is a nose job to look like the Duchess of Cambridge. Find out other sought-after celebrity body parts.

Are Tantrums Good for You?
Can throwing a physically aggressive tantrum be good for a woman’s mental and emotional health? OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton and sex expert Dr. Rachael Ross experiment with baseball bats and a giant bag of sand.

• How pent-up anger affects your heart.


Hot Flashes and Heavy Flows
Dr. Jen tackles two issues that affect women everywhere.

Go with the Flow?
Jamie says her periods are so heavy, she sometimes can’t leave the house. Is this normal?

Hot Flashes at 70?
Judy says she’s experiencing hot flashes at the age of 70. Dr. Jen explains.

Fast Fix for Dry Eyes
Can dry eye sufferers finally ditch their eye drops? Ophthalmologist Dr. John Hovanesian demonstrates LipiFlow, a new procedure that uses heat and gentle pressure to liquefy and remove obstructions in the eyelid glands, which normally secrete oils that lubricate the eye. The treatment takes approximately 12 minutes, and one treatment is enough to keep the eyes moist between nine and 15 months.

Health Care Point System?
Should the quality of a person’s health care be based on his or her lifestyle choices? A think tank in the United Kingdom recently proposed that patients who go to the gym and eat well should receive preferential medical treatment.

Ask a Vet: When to Get Fido Fixed
Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell joins The Doctors to discuss the benefits of spaying or neutering your dog.

What Age is Best to Fix Your Pet?

Do Female Dogs Go Through Menopause?