Embarrassing Body Functions You Can’t Control

It’s TMI Tuesday! Get the lowdown on embarrassing body functions you can’t control.

• Black spots on the tongue: Could they signal melanoma? Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Steven Kupferman explains.

Derriere Dilemmas
From hemorrhoids and fissures to going number two, proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld joins The Doctors to clear up your biggest booty problems.

Hemorrhoids vs. Fissures
Dr. Rosenfeld explains the difference.

Can the TurDle Help?
A new tool promises an easier time on the toilet.

The Butt Face Towel?
Can using the same towel to dry your face and nether regions make you sick?

• Enter for a chance to win a Butt Face Towel! This giveaway has ended.

Feminine Frustrations
Sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross and ABC News' senior medical contributor, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, set the record straight on embarrassing issues that affect women.

Vaginal Vibrations
Michelle says she randomly feels vibrations in her lady parts.

All about Your Areolas
Breasts come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Find out what’s normal and what’s not.

In the Dog House
Trash-digging, crotch-sniffing, leg-humping — dogs are our best friends, but they can also have the worst manners. Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell joins The Doctors to explain embarrassing K-9 behavior.

Snacking on Your Skivvies
Find out why dogs tend to chew on unclean underwear.

Incessant Humping
Carole says her dog, Shakira, constantly humps her bed in front of company. Learn why dogs do this and how to stop it.