10 Questions, 10 Specialists

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and 10 of America's top female specialists answer pressing health questions.

Sex without Climax?
Couples across the country are striving for a deeper connection by utilizing a 100-year-old bedroom technique called Karezza — a method of lovemaking that doesn’t involve climax. Karezza practitioners say it creates an indescribably deep feeling in a relationship. Sex specialist Dr. Rachael Ross and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman weigh in.

Poor Celebrity Hygiene?
Reality star Snooki reportedly exfoliates with cat litter, and actress Megan Fox says she forgets to flush the toilet. Get the lowdown on questionable celebrity hygiene habits.

Weight Worries
Internist, nutrition specialist and author of The Calendar Diet Dr. Melina Jampolis joins Dr. Travis to share solutions for women's biggest weight worries.

Why Weight Shifts with Age
Joyce says that post-menopause, her weight is shifting from her backside to her belly. Find out why, and get tips to prevent it.

Three Fat-Blasting Foods
The average person gains 10 pounds during the winter months. Discover three foods to help shed pounds for summer.

Treat Your Pain without Surgery
Rehabilitation expert Dr. Venus Ramos reveals non-surgical solutions to end your agony. See how the stone jade and infrared heat can heal back pain. Plus, how sarapin, a natural substance derived from the pitcher plant, can work as an anti-inflammatory to soothe neck pain.

Why Our Eyes Water
Ever wonder why your eyes water at unexpected times? Optometrist Dr. Stacey Gin explains why some people experience excessively watery eyes and how to prevent it. Plus, the best way to protect your eyesight during spring and summer.

Fertility and Breast Bumps
Fertility specialist Dr. Millie Behara and breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk answer questions about the female anatomy.

Fertility Side Effects
Find out the risks and benefits of undergoing different types of fertility treatments.

Mysterious Breast Bumps
Learn why some women get cyst-like pimples under their breasts, and when they can be serious.

Can Humans Grow Horns?
The answer: Yes! Dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche explains cutaneous horns , cone-shaped growths that can reach up to 9 inches in length, 20 percent of which are cancerous.

Can Puppies Make You Sick?
While puppies are cute and cuddly, they can spread ringworm and hook worms through a simple snuggle session. Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan says worms are completely treatable, but can be deadly to your pet if not caught in time.