Lytess Jeans

Can what you wear help you fight cellulite? Learn how Lytess Jeans may be able to do just that:

From Lytess
How Does It Work?

Caffeine and Shea Butter are micropencapsulated into the fabric and the ingredients are activated by your body movement and are released against the skin. Caffeine is well known to mobilize fats and shea butter to moisturize the skin. There is no paraben or water, which makes Lytess an efficient delivery system.

The jeans are simple to use: Just slip them on and wear Lytess for eight hours per day. Lytess will mold to the exact shape of your body and provide a slimming effect from the waist to the knees. Throughout the day, they will work on your hips, thighs, stomach and buttock due to the constant release of active ingredients contained in its millions of microcapsules. To maintain the jeans, just hand wash and keep in a drawer.

For optimal results, follow instructions and recommendations of Lytess.

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