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Recurring headaches? Mood swings? Confusing symptoms? The Doctors cover your most concerning health problems. Plus, lifestyle and romance expert Moll Anderson shares her best-kept secrets for redesigning your home and your wellbeing.

A Cure for Migraines?
Nanette, 52, says that for the last 20 years she’s suffered from migraines, which are triggered by fragrances such as perfume, colognes and other chemical smells. Her headaches have kept her from enjoying leisurely activities such as going out to dinner and traveling. After her primary MD said he could no longer help her, Nanette researched alternative options and discovered plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda’s migraine surgery with Botox.

Migraine Surgery
Follow Nanette into the OR as she undergoes migraine surgery.

Migraine Surgery Results
After 11 weeks, Nanette says “I’m 100 percent migraine-free. I mean, truly, it’s a miracle.”

Carpal Tunnel or Stroke?
Actress Jessica Alba reportedly mistook carpal tunnel symptoms for a stroke. Spine specialist Dr. Justin Paquette explains the difference, and why confusion can occur.

Redesign your Home and your Health
Need to brighten your surroundings? Moll reveals quick and inexpensive design tips to revitalize your home – and your health -- for springtime.

The Color of Health
Learn how certain colors affect your mood.

Plants and Mirrors
House plants can lower anxiety while mirrors boost energy.

Seductive Table for Two Take a seat with your main squeeze at a custom-decorated table. | Get Moll’s recipes!

Probiotics Explained
Probiotics is a buzz word in the health world today, but what are they exactly? And, are they right for you? Registered dietician Ashley Koff and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explain how the digestive tract works and why probiotics are the beneficial bacteria your body needs.

Hot Headlines

Reading Romance Novels Studies say reading romance novels may be bad for your mental health.

Can Sweat Be Sexy? Different types of sweat put off unique scents. | Control sweat with the Thompson Tee.

Dance and Strength
Men who are light on their feet may be stronger than men who aren’t.

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