Shocking Fast Food Dangers

Effects of Fast Food
Cosmetic dentist Dr. Karent Sierra of The Real Housewives of Miami  joins The Doctors to discuss how too much fast food can affect your body.

Shocking Fast Food Facts
See how eating two fast food meals a day for four weeks damages the liver. Plus, you’ll be shocked to see what the average fast food customer consumes over the course of one year!

How Soda Affects Your Smile
Dr. Sierra explains how the phosphoric acid in soft drinks dissolves the calcium and enamel on teeth, making them soft and susceptible to decay.

Anti-Freeze in Fast Food?
Some fast food contains propylene glycol, an ingredient found in anti-freeze, to keep food fresh; however, the FDA states that propylene glycol is safe to consume. Anti-freeze, on the other hand, is highly toxic.

Deep-Fried Health Hazards
French fries have become the prime example of everything unhealthy about fast food, due to the high percentage of fat, starch, salt and chemicals. But did you know that some fast food chains coat their fries in a sugary mixture for added color and crunch?

Dr. Sierra's Dental Tips

Dr. Sierra gives tips for improving your smile and how to ease tooth sensitivity. Plus, Dr. Sierra weighs in on when children should start losing their baby teeth. 

Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Update
When Chaz Bono first appeared on The Doctors in November, 2012, he made a commitment to change his life by losing weight and improving his overall health.

The Doctors enlisted the help of several weight loss specialists to assist Chaz in his journey to better health. Clinical nutritionist Samantha F. Grant has been providing Chaz with a high-protein, low-carb diet courtesy of Freshology food delivery.

In addition, physical trainer Frank Colcher and dance instructor Oksana Dmytrenko have worked regularly with Chaz to lead him through high-intensity mixed martial arts and cardiovascular dance classes.

Chaz's Weight Loss Video Diary
Watch a video diary on Chaz’s progress over the past three months.

Chaz's Weight Loss Update
Chaz joins The Doctors with an update on his weight loss and overall health.

“I’m not going to say that it was easy, but I’ve had so much support and such a great team of people helping me,” Chaz says.

Mandisa’s Weight Loss Journey
American Idol singing sensation Mandisa recently made headlines after losing more than 100 pounds. After reaching a weight loss plateau, Mandisa discovered that her low vitamin D levels were the main cause of her halted progress.

“If you don’t have enough vitamin D, it affects every single cell in your body,” explains ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. “You may store extra fat. Those cravings in your brain can be affected by vitamin D levels.”

Food Cravings
See how the brain processes food cravings and why the urge can be so overwhelming.

Controlling Food Cravings
The Doctors and Mandisa discuss how finding a healthy food alternative can help satisfy a craving.

Losing Weight and Gaining Confidence

At age 14, Josh Cox weighed 265 pounds and was brutally bullied for his appearance. By the end of his junior year in high school, Josh had lost 60 pounds and a friend introduced him to bodybuilding.  After 90 pounds of total weight lost, Josh is now using his story as an inspiration to others as a fitness coach at Anytime Fitness in Santa Rosa, California.

“Don’t let that scale control you,” Josh says. “That scale is a barometer but that scale is not the thing that decides who you are.”

Munch in a Crunch

Food expert Tawnya Rush, a correspondent from KUSA TV in Denver, Colorado, helped The Doctors rally some of the biggest and best weight loss stories in the U.S.

See Tawnya’s healthy options for making crunchy, savory, salty and sweet snacks to satisfy your food cravings on the go.