The First Annual Awards Show

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Which guest from Season 5 inspired audiences the most? You cast your votes and the Viewers' Choice Award goes to … Shannon Smith!

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The Doctors' First Annual Award Show commemorates incredible people for their contributions to health! Meet the “Couple of the Year” and see why their story is compared to “The Notebook.” Plus, the Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Supporting Spouse, Nurse of the Year, the Viewers' Choice Award and much more.

• Nurse of the year: Meet Jared, an R.N. who's also known as “the singing nurse.”

Couple of the Year
Longtime couple Linda and John are proof that real love can overcome any obstacle. Five years ago, Linda suffered a stroke that required three brain operations and resulted in severe short-term memory loss, erasing her ability to read. Every morning John takes Linda to Starbucks to study the alphabet, and one day, 23-year-old Matthew took notice. He was so moved by John and Linda’s commitment, he snapped a photo and posted it online to share with friends. Little did any of them know the image would touch other people’s lives, and since, the photo’s been viewed millions times.


Linda and John's Story
Learn how they found each other and fell in love later in life.

Couple of the Year Award
Linda and John join The Doctors and receive their award.

Best Friends for Health
Seven-year-old Jonah and 6-year-old Dylan have been inseparable since their second year of preschool. Jonah was born with glycogen storage disease 1B, a rare liver disorder that only affects one in a million children, and requires a great deal of care, medication and a specific diet administered through a feeding tube 10 to 11 times a day. Dylan recently decided to help Jonah by writing and selling the book, Chocolate Bar, a story based on an expression Dylan made up to describe happiness. To date, Dylan has raised $30,000 for Jonah’s care. Buy your copy of Chocolate Bar today!


That’s so Chocolate Bar
Meet the young friends and see how they inspire each other.

Glycogen Storage Disease
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains glycogen storage disease 1B.

Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Supporting Spouse
At 17-years-old, a diving accident severed Joni’s spinal cord, leaving her a quadriplegic. As she grew accustomed to life without the use of her arms and legs, and became more independent, her friends started growing up and getting married, and Joni felt she might never find a mate who could accept her condition. That was until she met Ken one Sunday at church, and they’ve now been married for 30 years.  


Joni and Ken’s Story
The true meaning of “in sickness and in health.”

Best Supporting Spouse
Ken is recognized for his commitment. Plus, Joni’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Honorary Teen MDs
Meet two high-schoolers, 16-year-old Jack Andraka and 18-year-old Brittany Wenger, who’ve invented groundbreaking technologies that could change cancer treatment as we know it.


Improving Cancer Detection
Learn about Jack and Brittany’s inventions.

Honorary Teen MD Awards
The Doctors give Jack and Brittany their awards.

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