Secrets From the Dead & How to Avoid the Flu

Secrets from the Dead
Actress Dana Delany plays a medical examiner on the hit TV series Body of Proof, and joins The Doctors to reveal what the afterlife can teach us about our health.

“Once you cut that body open, you can see exactly how the person lived,” Dana says.

Terminally ill patients are opting to freeze their bodies post-mortem in hopes of being revived in the future.

Behind the Scenes Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears goes behind the scenes of Body of Proof to check out a TV autopsy. Is it true to life?

Autopsy Challenge Dana may play a medical examiner on TV, but how much does she know about pathology? Find out.

• Kissing question: Can swapping spit swap DNA?

Choices that Trim Years off Your Life
From the color of your car to how late you sleep in, the choices you make may be shortening your life.

Surprising Life Threats
Do any of these life-shortening choices apply to you?

Larger Breasts, Shorter Life?
While breast size is not always a choice, learn why having a bigger bust may lead to an earlier death.

Fight the Flu without the Flu Shot
While ER physician Dr. Travis Stork advises everyone over 6 months old to get a flu shot, The Doctors share top tips for fighting the virus without it.

The Germiest Place Think airplanes or classrooms harbor the most germs? Think again! Dr. Sears demonstrates why your office can make you sick.

Avoid the Flu
Stop the flu before it starts. Plus, Dr. Travis’ Emergen-Tea. Get the recipe! | Why you should gargle with salt water.

Can Sugar Make You Sick?
Learn why eating excess sugar can compromise your immune system.